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  1. After 2 weeks with lots of new properties coming onto the market, a few sales going through there is a fresh flush of healthy price reductions in Bath and into Somerset.
  2. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/statistics/li/2010/aug/lendind.pdf table A "Total net lending to individuals rose by £1.5 billion in August (Table A). The twelve-month growth rate increased by 0.1 percentage points to 0.9%. The three-month annualised growth rate remained at 0.6%. Within the total, net lending secured on dwellings increased by £1.7 billion (Table A), above the July figure of £0.0 billion and the previous six-month average of £0.7 billion. The twelve-month growth rate remained at 1.0%. The three-month annualised growth rate increased to 0.8%, from 0.5% in July. The number of loan approvals for house purchase (47,372) was below the July figure (48,346) and the previous six-month average (48,619). Approvals for remortgaging (28,042) were up on July and also higher than the previous six-month average (26,765), while approvals for other purposes (23,818) fell in August and were also below the previous six-month average of 24,969 Consumer credit showed a net repayment of £0.1 billion in August, below the previous six-month average and the July increase of £0.2 billion (Table A). The annual growth rate of consumer credit remained unchanged at 0.2% and the three-month annualised growth fell to -0.1%. Within consumer credit, credit card lending increased by £0.1 billion, slightly below the previous six-month average. As in recent months, there was a net repayment of other loans and advances (£0.2 billion). "
  3. Keeps bouncing back! - Maybe shouldn't be surprised by the bouncin'!
  4. Its OK TMT - I like ya! (read the mse thread)
  5. Thank you for the videos. I enjoyed them all. With money (fiat) being ephemeral it occured to me that in alternative systems running at the moment how is tax paid or is it (legally) avoided. For example in the areas which have working local money such as in Totnes, Lewes and Stroud I believe, how is tax, income and VAT calculated on transactions. If there is an exchange rate could this be legally arbitrarily changed to reduce tax paid? Similarly in true barter circumstances what is the legal position?
  6. Is this the same Mr.Naghshineh who had the insight to buy 10% share in Woolworths in Aug 2008? http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/retailing/article4481741.ece Stunning business acumen!
  7. October 20th 2010 the catalyst which initiates the crash as August 1st 1988 ?
  8. I dont know how so could any one please post table 5 from excel sheet at bottom of http://www.bba.org.uk/statistics/article/august-figures-for-the-main-high-street-banks2/high-street-banking/ Has average loan value and number of approvals. A graph would be good too!
  9. zim

    Mumbles Nimby's

    Has to be the right development. After all the Meridian tower fiasco across the bay (Peter Wat et al) has hardly been a great success. For me the cafe etc just beyond Promenade Terrace was the beginning of the problem and I think all the homes on Promenade terraceare now flats/holiday lets. I can see the demand for a hotel as almost all on the Gower have gone the holiday let/ apartment route but I doubt it would be filled very often in practice. The Antelope (pub) was empty last time I was down and looked as thouigh it had been and would be, closed for a very long time. Some of my old favourite haunts eg Mermaid hotel, were now trend and very over priced restaurants and very very empty. We opted out at £16 a pasta dish and went to CJs. Is it still called that? Any relation to CZJ? Of course Mumbles needs money thrown at it but cleaning up and reinstating the illuminated tree in the park would be my more modest preference. I still cant persuade my wife (from Casnewydd) to watch Twin Town!
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