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  1. Sorry, didn't realise you weren't planning to live there too.
  2. Balls. Its pretty obvious who wears the trousers in your house.
  3. "and would rather not have to live there but you know what women are like." Why don't you just grow a pair.
  4. If a landlord has a number of properties, the first they will sell off will be the most rubbish one. Often this means it needs expensive repairs or has expensive outgoings
  5. So it's basically the difference between buying gold or buying collectible coins. In a melt down of the World Economy few people will pay a premium for the collectible element of it.
  6. Am I missing something. If one wants to invest solely in the gold and can buy sovereigns at £197 why would one pay £250 for them?
  7. So did I misunderstand when people were sniping at landlords?
  8. Everyone on here seems to hate their landlord. Is this not a perfect way to get your own back?
  9. If every tenant notified HMRC of the name and address of their landlord then, according to the figures, two out of every three tenants would hit the jackpot
  10. Only 500,000 landlords declare income from renting out or capital gains from selling. The reality is, there are 1.5m landlords in the UK, so some are in for a shock in the future.
  11. Do you really want a lots of mothers, fathers and grand parents to die? Are you that jealous?
  12. If you keep repeating it enough you may start to believe it. In my last 50 yrs, almost everyone who has bought a house claims to have got a bargain or made a killing. Believe me you are paying the market value.
  13. "I'm sure we'd be happy living there, and with the deposit we have saved up I'm reasonably comfortably with the mortgage whatever happens to interest rates. I'm just concerned if we might be screwed if we suddenly needed to move in the near future, and found ourselves entirely unable to sell the place." Have a look at London etc where the housing market has already peaked. There is another question you should be asking yourself. Am I prepared to accept a drop in the house price that could wipe out all or most of the deposit I put in?
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