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  1. Why dont you just offer full price then reduce it prior to completion
  2. On a macro level this will effect your landlords sale, but as far as the EA is concerned, a flood of properties to sell can only be good news for them surely. Yes the prices might trend down but all the EA is after is turn over
  3. looking forward to new zealand

  4. Given the drought of mortgages of late, what percentage do you think were self cert?
  5. A bear story from the mail, who would have thought. Still good news overall
  6. Pretty much, the fall out will be to big other wise
  7. its called politics and the expectation of being fair
  8. really, good for you! Keep living that dream because as much as I would like to see that. It wont happen.
  9. That offer will continue to those already on it. Politically the government will not kick them off the scheme while they are on it
  10. Great source of information. Interesting to correlate the stress testing in the banks versus the up coming mortgage drought
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