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  1. I would also introduce the Australian system of benefit payments being made via a card system which limits the money being spent on essentials.
  2. Also, reintroduce grammar schools. Not for any fiscal reason but just because they are a fundamental in assisting gifted children from poor backgrounds getting a shot at a decent education
  3. I would also restructure the state school system so that parents could contribute to the cost of their child's education in return for attending a school with smaller class sizes. Basically it would be a middle ground between state funded education and private schools. It would alleviate a significant cost on the state and also reduce the pressure on the current state system by creating a new tier of education for middle class families that cannot afford private schools but would be willing to pay 500 pound a month so that little jonny actually learns how to read and write
  4. Not sure I follow you. Surely rents are determined currently by market forces. E.g. There is nothing preventing me from asking for £10k a month rent other than the market dictating that its not worth that much so no one would pay it
  5. Build new houses zoned for first time buyers at a discounted rate. This will help the youngsters build some equity and give them a chance to get on property ladder Couple this with punitive taxation on buy to let and rent controls so the landlord can't pass the tax burden onto the tenant This would be a start
  6. There are plenty of very good small primary schools in the countryside villages in my county. Why do you need 2 pubs to open in the village every week? Who said anything about village shops? Your intelligence should not be overestimated
  7. I should clarify, disliking others means the type of ever growing numbers of people who conduct their lives in a selfish anti social way e.g loud music, littering, allowing unruly kids out late at night, crime etc
  8. It's for people who generally dislike other people, want some peace and quiet, a village school and a friendly local inn
  9. We frequent Housepricecrash.co.uk and the majority on here expect the fall to happen but this thread has had over 1000s views and no one has posted an alternative theory as to how we are going to get there.
  10. OK, so I figured out back in about 2003 that the property boom was unsustainable. So like many others on here I waited, waited and waited some more... I knew the economy was all wrong but couldn't work out what was going to make the bubble burst. Who would have guessed that in 2007 that the banks would effectively run out of money?? Really?? The whole idea seemed crazy but it happened. So the historical graphs on house prices tell us that at some point house prices should revert to 3 x salary (actually overshoots at the bottom). Now if we are to believe that history will repeat itself this suggests that house prices have to fall dramatically but with the stubborness of sellers and foolishness of buyers the property market in UK has been amazingly robust. So the question is 'what will it take for house prices to revert back to historical norm?' Now if someone had told me back in 2003 that banks would run out of money I would have thought they were crazy. With this in mind I have not ruled anything and I do mean anything out. Here is my best guess: Euro crisis continues Euro economies borrow huge sums from IMF bailout fund and default on large amounts of debt Banks exposed to these economies (and their debt) get into trouble again but this time no country can afford to save them Banks allowed to fail and all mortgages are written off. No facility for mortgages available at all Property values are rebased as only cash buyers can buy Sounds extreme I know but would be interested in your thoughts on this scenario or any alternative theories you may have.
  11. OK let me give you an insider tip This is assuming that Scotland has the same regulation as England, you could threaten to report them to the Legal Services Ombudsman. New rules have recently been brought in so that every complaint that they have to investigate against a solicitor incurs a cost of £400, which the firm of solicitors have to pay regardless of the merit of the complaint - sounds crazy but true. Threaten to take the matter to the Ombudsman and they will back down as it is not costs effective for them to persue.. In saying that without a retainer letter in place they've got nothing to sue on so they are screwed anyway. On a side point however people often forget that solicitors are not like banks or insurance companies that make money from selling products etc. They do not have customer service teams. Their commodity is their time giving advice to people. Expecting free help from a solicitor is no different than going to McDonalds and expecting a free bite of a bigmac.
  12. Your glib comment suggests that you believe we have to sacrifice living in order to buy what we want. You seem to have difficulty understanding the notion that some people can save decent money and still have a life. If you choose to live your life that way that is your choice. This is mine. The thread is about the state of the mortgage market not a debate about how much we should all be saving
  13. I have worked bloody hard to get where I am today and continue to work hard day in day out. I'm not going to live like a pauper and sacrifice having a life. You need a balance in life otherwise what's the point? - life would become utterly depressing.
  14. OK since you ask... Wife on statutory maternity - receives about £400 a month Me - take home about £3700 a month net Thats total take home of £4,100 Less £1000 rent £800 food, electric, gas, water, phone, mobiles, internet, nappies, baby food, baby clothes, council tax, car insurance, contents insurance £280 car £1000 savings £1000 (£500 each spending money) occasional night out, take away, petrol in cars Total: £4080
  15. Proceed with caution - my very expensive tax lawyer says they fall foul of the legislation and do not work
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