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  1. is trying to change their name a phunk-a-phunk!

  2. Hi, sorry for the thread necromancy, but what do these terms stand for? I see SLS (special liquidity scheme, I think?), CLG, CGS, etc. Can someone give me some links, please? What other government-support schemes exist? Thanks very much!
  3. Greets all. Long time lurker with mostly bearish views here. Hope this finds you all well; I've experienced the rare inclination to post. So I was scanning through Rightmove today with the wonderful Property Bee plug in doing its fab jazztastic goodness. The ads in themeselves often amuse/astonish me in their innate nonsense, but I found a humdinger right here - 2 years on the market without a HINT of a reduction! Historydate eventFri Jun 11 14:27:08 2010 * Agents Address found: 4 Hollybush Terrace, Westow Street, Upper Norwood, London, SE19 3SD * Detailed Description found: Your Move a
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