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  1. Can't believe the City Hospital Tower Block didn't make the list. Though maybe I'm just overly sensitive coz I have to look at it every day....
  2. No, you're right- they have high standards. But in this particular case their apartments are not going to be finished to standards anywhere near ours. We were sold luxury apartment living and we got it. We were also sold 'private'.....
  3. 50 pence and a packet of smarties would probably get one of ours then...
  4. There are 22 apartments in Phase 1 (us) and we are fully occupied. Phase 2 has 24 apartments and it is this part that is being sold off. I don't know your definition of med-large but I think 46 apartments is pretty small! The developer has not gone under. Yet! I did not buy into this! We're going to have a go at fighting it legally. And given we were not consulted by the housing association at any time (which we are led to believe should have happened) we're going to have a go at them too!
  5. I thought they were publically funded. So that's your taxes and mine thanks very much.
  6. Unfortunately yes. Wish I could turn the clock back now. Losing so much of its value when the market crashed was bad enough (but the risk you take) - this is just the final straw. :angry:
  7. Yeah, happens all the time over there ("mixed tenure developments") - but then you know from the outset what you're buying into. You make an informed choice. We're more than disgusted - we're angry and upset. We think we're being screwed. And we're not going to go away without making as much noise as possible. It's just a pity we don't have Curzon people to help us out - really thought they were residents at the time. But we've barked up so many trees we're bound to get help from somewhere!!
  8. Well, it's questionable at best to sell over half a "private residential development" to a housing association. Especially when most of those units were sale agreed with private buyers. I can sense we have a long fight ahead.
  9. Thanks for the reply Lagansider- although now it seems we're mistaken! We were under the assumption that buyers in the Curzon were resident when the sale to Clanmill took place. Getting deposits back a simpler proposition than where we find ourselves!! (we've been in for 2 years and now half the site is being sold to a housing association)
  10. Hi all, we're trying to track down the original owners of the Curzon apartments in Belfast. we'd like to ask their advice on how they handled things when clanmill tried to buy over the site.We're in the same predicament now and desperate for help!!
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