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  1. I've only recently joined here but I can see what you are talking about. We all want prices to go down but there is no point denying facts. I looked on the Telegraph link posted on here regarding the guy who said he made money with a 100% mortgage. Fact..he did. It doesnt matter how much people dont like the fact but its true. Also, now the banks are capping loan amounts people will not be able to get on the ladder. Houses don't really drop prices in the long term. If I bought now I wouldnt care about prices because we'd live in the place. It would go up more than we paid for it eventually. I think in your heart of hearts we all know buying a house is a good thing. What we be the point being on here and looking at prices if houses were so bad to own? I think people on here are in danger of looking stupid by commenting on other sites with extreme views. Houses are going up at the moment. That's what homeowners are seeing. If they can tap into equity again and start spending then everyone will be happy. My two pennence worth
  2. Oh well. Looks like we are renting forever. My landlord told me he will never put our rent up. That's one good thing. Been same for 3 years we have been here.
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