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  1. Enjoy - at least your children will afford a house. I forgot some of you have big mortgages and cannot afford Kids!!! Labour destroyed Britain before and their doing it again. Just for you young ones who think new labour is the best thing since sliced bread. http://www.datesofhistory.com/IMF-Loan-Gre...tain.event.html Hold on to your jobs regardless if you work in IT or any other sector. The_end_of_the_house_price_boom_is_what_will_finally_sink_Brown.pdf The_end_of_the_house_price_boom_is_what_will_finally_sink_Brown.pdf
  2. Reading some of the stories from you folks who have PhDs you received some form of payment off your sponsoring company. Spare a thought for some old gits we were only given a few pounds but that was 1972. I think in those days it was the prestige of doing research for large companies not the financial benefits that most middle class students sought. Ed
  3. I am sure the council will mop up the lost jobs. If think this is just the start probably more significant job losses are to come. The final line said it all: Indesit said it is only a proposal at the moment but it admits making cookers in the county is unsustainable. (Definately going to happen) No more boom & bust Still we can rent each other houses especially those who have house.
  4. I think your question is aimed more at a metallurgist/materials scientist on this website. For your stainless steel/silver alloy coated saucepans i suggest you get hold of some acid free tissue paper is used to protect silverware from tarnishing. If you wrap these items up in nomal paper they will the surfaces will oxidise rapidly. Read the following it might help. Caring for Silver One of the most wonderful qualities of silver is that it will last long into the future. But it does need to be treated with care. To care for your silver and keep it in pristine condition, polish from time to time with a silver polishing cloth such as Goddards® or Town Talk®. These high quality, soft cotton cloths are impregnated with a silver cleaner and anti-tarnish agent. They are ideal for removing light tarnish and will give some protection from future tarnish. They are usually available from the household cleaning section in a supermarket or hardware shop. Heavy tarnish, when the silver begins to turn black, can be removed with a silver wadding polish such as Duraglit® silver wadding polish (also known as Silvo®) and cleaned off with a soft cotton cloth. Silver can also be cleaned using a "silver dip". It is ideal for cleaning chains. Only put the silver into the dip for a short while. If it is left in too long there is a danger of the chemicals eating into the solder joints or the surface of the metal. Rinse the silver in water, dry with a soft cotton cloth or tissue to avoid water stains, then polish with a silver polishing cloth if necessary. If the tarnish is not fully removed repeat the process. Textured areas on silver can tarnish more rapidly than a highly polished area. It is much easier to remove the tarnish on a textured area by using a dip. But take into account that a texture can often stand out more and look better when there is a slight build up of tarnish in the recesses. To use a dip to clean a large piece of silverware, use cotton wool to swab on the liquid. Protect your hands with rubber gloves. Silver dip is ideal for pouring inside a vessel such as a bud vase. Again, rinse off the dip with water, dry with a soft cloth or tissue paper to avoid water stains and polish with a silver polishing cloth. Silver can safely be used with food, but after use it should be washed by hand using warm water and a mild phosphate free washing-up liquid. Take care not to scratch the silver against the sink. Dry the silver immediately after washing with a soft cotton cloth or tissue to prevent water stains. NEVER scratch the silver by using abrasive scouring pads, wire wool or toothpaste and NEVER put your silver into a dishwasher. What is Tarnish? Tarnish is a harmless coating that develops on the surface of silver over time. It is mainly made up of silver sulphide (Ag2S). It is caused by a reaction on the surface of the silver with sulphur in the atmosphere. This reaction can happen quicker when there is heavy pollution in the air or high humidity. With jewellery some clothing such as wool, felt or rubber can cause tarnishing as can strong perfumes or contact with some chemicals. Often oils from our skin can cause tarnish. Tarnish usually starts as a very light yellow coating, which is easy to remove, but it builds up to a light brown or black layer, which is more stubborn to remove.
  5. Any crash will hurt all. Anyway this is capitalism there is always a boom and bust. Do not believe otherwise. 1973-1975, 1989-1996, 2007-1015 ???
  6. Take an opportunity to ready the following article. Currency_analysts_warn_pound_set_to_surge_as_high_as__2.10.pdf Currency_analysts_warn_pound_set_to_surge_as_high_as__2.10.pdf
  7. Take an opportunity to ready the following article. HOUSE_OF_CARDS.pdf Very balanced and well written. There must be some good journalists out there. HOUSE_OF_CARDS.pdf
  8. 1. I do not want to advetise any companies they all lick the boots on new labour in the PFI fiddle. 2. It would be an chance so these two group of people we divided to work together on a projects which would help the old colonial masters. Ferangi is a term used by locals to describe the white man. Still used in India today. There is othing wrong with a bit of outsourcing and we could put the area to use. Possibility of some BTL springing up in near regions ?
  9. Better still we could outsource prisons to India. How about this for a location http://www.answers.com/topic/thar-desert We could get our finest civil engineering companies to build a few new prison using the PFI scheme not only would we create more employment for British folk we could help the Indians/Pakistanis in the region.
  10. As a shareholder I demand a good dividend every year. Or else I will invest my money else where. It also means I can up my consultant rates. Just put them up by 15% RR have agreed to pay.
  11. I have had my front door since the 70s and it has been mortgage free for the last 15 years. If your grammer/spelling is anything to go by may be you do need to move out of that area. As for Slough - I would describe this as an Ethnic area. No wonder i was the only white guy on the street. This type of postcode is characterised by very high numbers of young Asian families living in older terraced housing in our major towns and cities. Within this type 70% of people are Asian. There are also high numbers of students sharing rented accommodation. Overall, the relatively large families and the number of students sharing make these houses some of the most crowded in the country. Unemployment levels are much higher than average. Qualification levels are low, and where people do work, they are in routine manual jobs or working in the retail sector. Very few women work, and most are likely to be concentrating on bringing up their young families. This type of postcode has the highest number of children under the age of four. Good luck!!
  12. So if my neighbour encourages all his A level maths students to get grade A. This will help houses increase in the area he teaches. If exam grade are anything to go by the crash has definately started in Slough. Good luck selling your house their are plenty of suckers out there.
  13. Wage deflation is coming through. Very large aeroengine manufacturer. Many employed at their facilities throughout Derby. Average house for this area 220k. Hourly rate for grinder operator. Requires HNC/HND. 2005 - £12 per hour 2006 - £12.50 per hour 2007 - £12.50 per hour Polish immigrants currently in training. 2007 - £7.50 per hour (13 at the moment 27 more on their way) The working classes signed their own death certificates when they voted new labour in again.
  14. enworb Its Slough what a dump - I went their a couple of months ago but it seemed like I was the only white person in the high street. For a minute I thought I was in India/Pakistan. When I went to pick my car up from the NCP I thought I was in Poland. May be you could advertise your house in what ever language they speak their. Stick on a few zero as a bonus and you will have the local flocking.
  15. nohpc You stick to being a Doctor. Leave the economics to the so called economists.
  16. 1) What's your circumstances ? 56 year old homeowner living with wife outside Kidderminister. House is 5 bedroom with lot of land. Valued by EE from Bridgenorth at £1.2 million. Had 12 BTLs all sold to sucker investors and stupid FTBs. Last one was sold June 2006. Invested money in a few bailiff companies and start up ventures. Partially retired from lecturing at large red brick university in the Midlands. But putting finishing touches to new book about Aeroengine Coatings. Work as consultant to two aeroengine manufacturers, three Industrial gas turbine producers, numerous component supplier which use special processes and advise large regional funding body. 2) What do you think will happen to the market? Crash of 50%. Folks loosing jobs in manufacturing on a daily basis. Have a friend who works for a large trade union. His schedule is full for the next 3 months seeing companies who are making most of their workforce redundant. Most are relocating to lower paid economies like India/China/Eastern Europe. 3) What's your biggest fear? A.Britain becoming Chav Republic. Too many BASTARDS being born on a daily basis to single mothers. (16 year old bitches) Who have not paid into the system. B.Decline of the middle classes in the next couple of years thanks to new labour. C. Rise of the BNP - Hate them with a zeal. (Father fought the facists in London 1930s as a student) 4) What's your 'Confidence of a Crash' level at? 10 - Bigger the boom the bigger the bust. 5) What will interest rates be by Christmas? 5.75% and that will be it. BOE is just an extension of new labour. It panders to all the debt ridden UK population.
  17. I dont know what you put on your cornflakes but it is not conventional sugar. The recession is a done deal in the UK. If folks haven't got jobs how will they MEW their arses ? You might have an INFINITE supply of jobs in your region but not in the UK anymore. Manufacturing is going down the toilet. BRITAIN IS UNCOMPETITIVE THANKS TO HPI.
  18. The idea of a soft landing is a fantasy of some bull who has smoked weed. Think of this manufacturing in the uk is going down the pan. Will new labour be able to create enough public sector jobs to mop up all the folks with out work. We are in for a depression not a recession. UK_manufacturing_set_for_tough_times.pdf UK_manufacturing_set_for_tough_times.pdf
  19. X-QUORK I hate the Daily Express / Daily Mail with a zeal. But have a look at this website you might wake up. http://www.no2id.net You dont happen to work for the new department responsible for ID cards do you ?
  20. I own my home and the kids have flown the nest. I would like to see a HPC because I would like to hear all new labour voters/supporters say No more boom & bust. Seriously under new labour this country has gone to the dogs. All you bullshi**ers out there will you kids ever get jobs and afford houses at these prices answer to New Labour HQ. If you can afford kids. Good time to have shares in abortion clincs. BRITAIN IS FU****. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TEA.
  21. No you are a debt ridden asshole. Who probably will never have kids because buying a house at an over inflated house means cannot afford them to feed any offspring.
  22. Happy reading folks A_roof_over_your_head__house_price_peaks_in_the_UK_and_Ireland.pdf A_roof_over_your_head__house_price_peaks_in_the_UK_and_Ireland.pdf
  23. Cuckoo -Bruno Shut up you new labour parasite. Read: Lessons in Basic Economics for Stupid Liberals http://www.guardiancockups.com/#1
  24. How about fees when you buy ? You forgot CGT once sold ? Your figures are rubbish!!! GCSE Maths more like Micky Mouse Maths
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