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  1. If you pay money into a current account, then that money is and always will be legally yours, you essentially instruct the bank to manage the funds in the account. However money paid into a savings account or bond is considered to be invested. Therefore legal title passes from you to the bank in exchange for interest. Bank prefer to lose money (if your a good customer), with a current account, but are likely to tempt you into insurance covers, credit cards and loans because you have a relationship with them.
  2. I like the idea of a Monarchy. A Head of State that simply transfers powers, rights, property and priviledge from one generation to the other. Where the Monarch's Son is promoted to the equivalent of a General and awarded medals, just because of his birth right. Where the public hold the Monarchy in such high regard that they really would fight to preserve it. Elections are irrelevant for the Head of State as well and any attempt to change the Head of State is seen as an act of Treason. In fact we have exactly the same system as North Korea. Now thats demorcracy.
  3. I'll take your £5000 if your man enough to stick to your word. The part of the EU treaty regarding Labour Law. All wages must be equal to all EU citizens residing in the (UK - in our case). So if you have a job, you cant pay an UK worker £10ph and a French worker £5 ph for the same job. This means if their was a citizens income, then all citizens would be entitled as we are no longer British Citzens, but rather European Citizens. Didnt get the memo ??? Alot of people didnt.
  4. "Can a man not walk the street of london town, without some blaggard with a blade, releaving him of his hard earned." Carl Brown 1788. The more things change the more they stay the same. Chin up lad.
  5. OK all you delusional do gooding posters, who been slurping at the blue nun. We are in Europe, which means we have to be EU law off the same wages to every EU citizen regardless. So if you were to introduce a Citizens Income, everyone from every European Country, will be queuing up here for, forceing up house prices due to demand. Before you, say lets leave the EU, do it first, then we'll talk universal benefits and this is from a Dad, who will be missing his child benefits from his kids in a few years time.
  6. Workers in the UK, pay the following : Income Tax National Insurance Private Pension (Some of us) Council tax TV Licence Water bill Electric Bill Gas Bill Phone bill TV Subscription Bill Broadband Bill Mobile Phone Bill Mortgage or Rent Food Shopping + 20% VAT from 01/01/11 Add this to the fact that the BoE base rate is 0.5% so their little incentive to save. Why would the average UK worker have more than 5 days cash in emergencies. These people, it's no mystery where they come from. You tax people within a inch of their lives. You take that money and give it to scheming robbing dogs we call the banks, who pay themeselves a nice fat bonus and tell us their not lending our own money back to us, because we dont have any money. We tie everyone into a belief that theres a God. Lets burst this bubble shall we, God does not exist. Neither does heaven, and not does hell. No-one died on a cross, 2000 years ago for the sin of the world, no one was sat in cave talking to angels in what is today Saudi Arabia. No, the devil does not rule this world and have selected families called the Illuminati to have a agenda called the new world order. They made it all up. They make it all up to make you feel like you are doing something wrong and that you need to fix it. Were all like Harold from the Halifax. We were useful once now we should just cough up and smile.
  7. I disagree strongly. I currently hold the position of obtaining the highest possible grade on the highest degree for e-Commerce in the UK. (FACT) I could see this as investment, but I see this as a personal betterment to my own life. Should I be asked to contribute financially to this, almost certainly. Afterall its my betterment and until someone else beats my score of 100% in every module on the degree, I shall hold the bragging right too.
  8. Yeah thats a big +1 from me too.
  9. I think we are returning to feudal times, between those who have : The homeowners, landowners and those who havent, renters. Whereby renters have to realistic about their prospects of being able to rent in a decent place. A friend of mine works for a housing association who actually no longer keep a housing list, they say they have no properties available and they have abolished the list once people were waiting more than 10 years for a property. The council simply refer the legally obliged cases to them and they can charge much more, than shall we say, many on this forum would be prepared to pay and the rent is paid by housing benefit. I would rather rent to students and DHSS (old term but still valid) because you are able to charge more for a whole house. Why in Manchester it is common to have multiple family occupancies these days and these havent been common for nearly a hundred years. Even if the occupants are from Solmalia, Pakistan or other places where this is more than common.
  10. I think you will find the terms legal and I do enforce them.
  11. You either accept the terms or you look elsewhere. I have estate agents ringing me up all the time saying they have tenants and do I have other properties. The way I see it, its like this. I own the property and I will let it to whomever I wish. I will not sell the property underneath you and turf you out. But I do expect the rent to be paid on time and the property to kept to the agreed terms. Its a landlords market. Since the collaspe of the housing market, us landlords can pick and choose and take it from me, in Manchester, we are picky who we let to.
  12. Terms & Conditions of Non-Assured Tenancy. I must admit, I have a property (2 bed terraced in Manchester) which I have rented out since 1995. I have been forced to bring to effect new terms. Here they are breifly : 1. Deposit equal to 3 months rent. Plus bond of 3 months (Non repayable) for on ongoing improvements per 12 months rental period. 2. Guarantor, must be homeowner, willing to guarantee equity of home against non payment of rent, min 75% equity. 3. Rent must be paid by standing order, returned orders charged at £35 per order. 4. No parties 5. House must not be empty of residents for any 3 day period, if so tenancy cancelled. 6. Any damage to property must be put right, else tenant is liable to 60 months rent to cover damage or greater if amount exceeds penanlty amount. There are more, but i cant be bothered to copy them. I have had full occupancy since 1999, always let to students. Keep them on a tight leash. Any complaints go into the file name B I N.
  13. I'm sorry but I had to laugh. This weekend, I caught up with a friend from school, who is a member of this site as well. He was saying that the Housepricecrash.co.uk has ruined his life. When I asked how, he said, he had the chance the buy a semi in Huddersfield back in 2006, but put off buying because he thought prices would crash. He said he didnt want to but at the top of the market and then have negative equity. He had he mortgage in place and just needed to find his balls to take the leap. He didnt, now he says he cant get a mortgage and has been forced to rent for the foreseeable future, he blames this site and the posters on it for his woes. I have to say a had a good hearty laugh he should have bought with all the other fools.
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