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  1. Absolutely spot on. Have worked with the education system for a number of years. While kids might be getting ruder and crasser, they are ironically far more compliant and docile than any generation before them. Even a decade ago many teenagers and young adults would be able to express opinions about music, culture, politics, history etc. But now even the most academic students merely regurgitate information given them to them as fact. To wit , economics textbooks that say banks are "safe" places to keep your money or citizenship texts that tell us that the EU is a cuddly, benign force for world good, and of course a myriad of material on how to counteract the evil of global warming. Modern "yoof" music and culture.....well enough said about bland mass marketed junk. Sadly, critical thinking is on the wane as we retreat into our own individualist bunkers. No doubt a causal link is the dearth of public places for mass discussion....even the decline in the pub as a social outlet maintains the stauus quo. Everyone sit at home drinking cheap generic supermarket lager while listening to westlife and watching property porn.....
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