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  1. 14 minutes ago, thehowler said:


    Keunssberg saying the same.


    Two cabinet sources tell me vote being pulled - not, repeat not, yet officially confirmed

    EDIT: thehowler beat me to it, so I'll add that the pound is unsurprisingly tanking again on this news: 


  2. 10 minutes ago, kzb said:

    So they did oppose the revocability of Article 50 then?

    Yes. The EU Parliament said this:


    "a revocation of notification needs to be subject to conditions set by all EU-27, so that it cannot be used as a procedural device or abused in an attempt to improve on the current terms of the United Kingdom’s membership."


    The EU Commission said this:


    Once triggered, can Article 50 be revoked?

    It was the decision of the United Kingdom to trigger Article 50. But once triggered, it cannot be unilaterally reversed. Article 50 does not provide for the unilateral withdrawal of the notification.


  3. 1 hour ago, reddog said:

    What percent drop do you need for it to be a "black" day (I imagine I must be 5-10%)

    Yeah, it has a way to go yet. I was only jesting. It really needs to go over 6% in a day to get into the elite class of crashes (top ten since the FTSE 100 started in 1984). 3.3% might just squeeze into the top 100.


    The biggest FTSE drops were Black Monday, 19th October 1987, 10.8%, and the following day 12.2%. The next largest three were both in October 2008, while the 6th largest was also in October 87.


    Since the index launched in 1984, it has had 84 trading days with falls of more than 3pc, and 17 days with falls of more than 5pc.


  4. Make that 3.3%. Black Thursday anyone? 


    "Stock markets in the US and Europe plunged on Thursday as fears about US-China trade tensions and global growth continue to mount.

    All three main Wall Street indexes fell more than 2%, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average sliding 700 points.

    In London the FTSE 100 tumbled 3.3%, or more than 200 points, to under 6,700 - its lowest level in two years.

    Falls on European markets were even sharper, with Paris and Frankfurst both shedding 3.5%.

    Oil prices also sank, with Brent crude 3% lower at $59.69 a barrel."


  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-ecj-court-case-article-50-ruling-theresa-may-deal-parliament-european-court-a8669886.html


    The European Court of Justice will formally rule on whether Britain can unilaterally cancel Brexit ahead of the MPs vote on Theresa May's deal next week.

    The EU's top court confirmed it will deliver its judgment at 8am UK time on Monday – with the landmark Commons vote scheduled for the next day.

    Should make for an interesting vote.

  6. Old timers will remember the great tradition of FTSE down 2% threads from years gone by. Full of predictions of impending market Armageddon that never quite materialised.

    Since the FTSE is indeed down 2% again, it's high time for a festive reunion.

    Anyone remember those threads? Is this the big one? Make your views known.

    Cheers, Q

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