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  1. Here's the RICS press relase

    The house price balance remained unchanged during September, with 23 per cent more surveyors still reporting prices fell rather than rose. Price expectations also remained unmoved from August; with a net balance of 23 per cent anticipating prices will decline rather than rise over the next three months. Every part of the UK, including London, recorded some degree of negative price expectations during September.

    So 23 per cent more surveyors reported falling prices than rises, and this is reported in the general media as a house price index remaining unchanged. That's like RPI inflation remaining at 6% on two consecutive months and being reported as the index being unchanged. It's the same kind of deception willfully practiced regarding deficit [change] and debt [magnitude]. How do they get away with it? :angry:

  2. Who put this idea forwards? Was it men or women behind it?

    I think it was (largely) a combination of mothers and schoolteachers pushing it, so mostly women. The "marriage and children by 30" meme is very powerful and old, and it's fine on its own. It was the expectation that you could and should have a high flying career on top that often proves incompatible. I work in research science, and a number of female friends in my field have expressed their frustration about this to me over the last few years. They usually either quit science to have babies or stay in science and give up on having children. Active female scientists with children are rare. All anecdotal of course but I've worked in a few Universities and I am sure the stats would back this up.

    EDIT: typo

  3. The Wail has always had a strained relationship with women. According to the Wail - women must look and dress like supermodels (but not tarty), while running a family (according to contemporary yet traditional values) and holding down a high flying career (but be willing to sacrifice it for sick child/husband/pet). Failure to do all of this - and you are a failure. The Wail's core female audience must be truly self loathing.

    A generation of women were sold the idea that they could have it all - professional career, husband, children (by age 30), nice house in a nice area etc. Many childless 30-somethings are waking up to the fact they were sold a lie.

  4. Oxford City Council will soon require licencing for HMO's with 3+ occupants in more than one household:


    They are focusing on HMO's here because:

    1) They form an unusually high percentage of houses in the city with an estimated 1 in 5 of the resident population living in an HMO.

    2) The House Condition Survey of 2005 reported that HMOs provided the poorest homes in the city and that 70% were unsafe. 61.3% of HMOs had below standard fire detection, with 16.9% of HMOs having no fire detection at all.

    3) High demand for properties has meant that some landlords can offer these lower quality properties but are still confident of finding tenants.

    The licensing is being introduced in stages:

    The first stage of the Scheme will come into force on the 24 January 2011. The landlords of all three or more storey HMOs that contain three or four occupiers and all two storey HMOs that contain five or more occupiers will be required to obtain a licence to operate the property as an HMO.

    The second stage of the scheme will come into force on the 30 January 2012. The landlords of all two storey or single storey HMOs that contain three or four occupiers and self contained flats that are HMOs will be required to obtain a licence to operate the property as an HMO. There are some converted self contained flats that will also require a licence if they are mainly or wholly tenanted, including those with resident landlords.

    This is a good thing IMHO. There is also a voluntary Landlord Accreditation Scheme:


    but as you might imagine, very few letting agencies and landlords have signed up as of June 2011.

    Manchester City Council made certain areas compulsory for landlords to register


    (they are all places that are high on deprivation index, terraces and appalling housing standards. So it's a good thing)

    Landlord: do you need a licence?

    As a private landlord you need a licence to rent out accommodation in Manchester if:

    1. you rent any accommodation in specific areas

    If you are a private landlord you must have a separate licence for all accommodation you rent out in these parts of Manchester:


    Lightbowne (in Moston)



  5. It's also going to become obvious to people that while they have to slave away in some crappy dead end job to make a few quid, for the right people there is literally an endless supply of 'money for nothing' available. Why on earth should you keep swapping your time and labour for something that is little more than a virtual unit to be created out of thin air in the (tens/hundreds of) billions as required by the people at the top.

    Indeed: Money for Nothing

  6. 'Much sought after'= The Police and Bailiffs are looking for the owner.

    'The property benefits from........' = This place is a dump, but you might like the gas central heating.

    'In a popular area'= The Police and Bailiffs are still looking.

    'Close to all amenities'= Local drug dealers regularly in the area.

    'Recently upgraded'= They emulsioned the walls (magnolia of course) two years ago.

    My favourite Eastate Agent examples so far. So true! :lol:

  7. I know loads of people who want to buy a house, and every single one of them are living in ...... *drumroll* ........ a house! Can you people not remove your blinkers and see that you are being led around by the nose by barretts, this is nothing to do with house building, its about who owns the houses we already have.

    How many 20 and 30 somethings are still living with their parents? How many are living in HMO's and other shared properties (not to mention shed dwelling etc)? How many of these young people are unable to start a family due to these circumstances? That's the problem.


  8. It's crucial that it replaces other taxation, so a lowering of income tax (targetted at the lower end more) or removal of employee national insurance contributions would be ideal.

    Yes. I think the idea of a tax swap could be sold electorally, whereby LVT replaces (at least) employee NI contributions, stamp duty and council tax. Most people would see the benefit.


  9. Yes I know, a point I already acknowledged in my earlier post.

    OK, let's go through this. The paper referenced in your article is:

    "Primary forests are irreplaceable for sustaining tropical biodiversity"

    Gibson, L. and others; nature


    Here's the abstract:

    Human-driven land-use changes increasingly threaten biodiversity, particularly in tropical forests where both species diversity and human pressures on natural environments are high. The rapid conversion of tropical forests for agriculture, timber production and other uses has generated vast, human-dominated landscapes with potentially dire consequences for tropical biodiversity. Today, few truly undisturbed tropical forests exist, whereas those degraded by repeated logging and fires, as well as secondary and plantation forests, are rapidly expanding. Here we provide a global assessment of the impact of disturbance and land conversion on biodiversity in tropical forests using a meta-analysis of 138 studies. We analysed 2,220 pairwise comparisons of biodiversity values in primary forests (with little or no human disturbance) and disturbed forests. We found that biodiversity values were substantially lower in degraded forests, but that this varied considerably by geographic region, taxonomic group, ecological metric and disturbance type. Even after partly accounting for confounding colonization and succession effects due to the composition of surrounding habitats, isolation and time since disturbance, we find that most forms of forest degradation have an overwhelmingly detrimental effect on tropical biodiversity. Our results clearly indicate that when it comes to maintaining tropical biodiversity, there is no substitute for primary forests.

    So, the article is specifically about tropical primary forests and tropical biodiversity. Our virgin forests have already been cleared; the damage is done, and I haven't heard anyone talking about clearing forests for development in the UK. Overall, I see no relevance to planning and housing development in the UK countryside. So what was the lesson you referred to?


  10. Agreed, but when there is such a massive supply of vacant properties it seems a huge shame to sacrifice nature for the sake of snobbery.

    While Britain's greenfield sites hardly fit the description of virgin rainforest, there is an important lesson to be drawn from this warning:


    Yes, but the landscape of britain is almost entirely man-made:


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