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  1. Logical consequence of NIRP. The BoE of England is moving towards NIRP too. Guaranteed misallocation of capital - centrally enforced. It won't end well.
  2. Interesting priorities revealed by each party's top asks for the Scottish budget: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19142012.kate-forbes-calls-cross-party-support-ahead-scottish-budget-vote/ Labour - Massive care worker pay rise Lib Dems - Farming, councils, education Tories - STAMP DUTY CUT!!!
  3. Pensions companies have been getting into residential property for years (REITs post-2006). Hell, farmers have diversified into the residential landlord business. I don't see why John Lewis would be hamstrung by a lack of experience. Corporate strategy is another question.
  4. You're clearly more optimistic than me about the likely tax take in the next couple of years. Slow motion train crash in exporters and financials. Think the bounce back loans will be repaid? EDIT: In my book, the BoE buying 90% of new debt IS budget desperation.
  5. With a bit of joined up thinking and a bit of budget desperation, they'll probably move it to 20% deduction across the board for pension contributions rather than the 40% giveaway. With auto-enrollment bedding in, the pensions industry is less dependent on the high-rollers.
  6. Sounds about right. So, more than the teachers who have to get back to work so all the parents can too, or the scientists who do the sequencing work on virus strains and come up with vaccines, or the care home workers etc. Also more than the supermarket workers who've also been 'keeping the country alive' over the last year. To be fair, I think Boris and co. painted themselves into a populist corner with all this clap for our NHS heroes stuff.
  7. Not TCoN, but surely any policy designed to increase asset prices disproportionately benefits those with most assets. Superdeductions look like a good elite tax avoidance wheeze too on first view.
  8. I think the property market interventions overall are small beer. At least they didn't revisit SMI, or BTL tax deductions (AFAIK). It will be interesting to see the Scottish government response in the build up to the elections in May.
  9. Not much movement on gbp as yet though.
  10. Edited my reply to guess voluntary. Fun and games all round. I pay myself at the secondary threshold from my own company for similar reasons. Apparently set to rise by £5 next month.
  11. How does that work? Employer tax? Voluntary contributions?
  12. Pensioners pay income tax but not NI...
  13. Any news on NI thresholds? I only saw him mention income tax thresholds.
  14. Got to give the rich fair warning and time to avoid.
  15. Nice idea. How many shots?
  16. Open goal missed there. It would negatively affect me, but capital gains, income and inherited gains should all be lumped together and taxed at the same rate. One allowance only.
  17. Both measures extended until the autumn. So, the same.
  18. The printing is strong with this one. A few minor, delayed, tax rises. Much spending.
  19. I can only put it down to irrational exuberance. GDP down ten percent last year. Let's see how strong and stable this is when the money hosing stops.
  20. Yup. If you sell for eur or usd and only later convert to gbp, it's still the day you sold for fiat. They just apply the daily bank exchange rate to calculate how much gbp equivalent you sold for. HSBC have generally been fine about large withdrawals from kraken for me. They do ask (AML) questions about source of funds and source of wealth when traferring large sums out (and may fire up the fraud calls) but don't have a problem with crypto and don't ask for documentary evidence ime. TransferWise are quite another matter. Very demanding and nosy (bla bla regulatory requirements). Want
  21. Yes, but what passion and zeal! What commitment to have a library of quotes ready to go for Wall of Text time. A quality of rant far exceeding the strangeness of Erranta. Imagine what Venger would have made of this thread.
  22. No need for conspiracy. The total excess deaths over five year averages tell the story of the outbreak. E.g. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53233066
  23. I remember the last time people were yelling New Paradigm to explain why fundamentals didn't matter any more. It was just before the Dot Com bubble burst.
  24. It is also OK to savour some schadenfreude over the well-deserved BTL comeuppance. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude. I miss Venger
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