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  1. The history of up there is there were four developments put up in the past decade or so as Glengormley/Newtownabbey expanded.

    The others were Mayfield, Dermont Way, and Aylesbury. Blackrock has proximity to all of those though it appears to be more upmarket - definitely pricier and the Georgian design of the houses is nice.

    I haven't heard any bad reports about Blackrock itself apart from it being a nightmare in the snow like practically all of Glengormley. There is also a dedicated bus route into the city centre - another positive.

    However, as it has proximity to the Mayfield Development (you can drive into there through Blackrock) it's only fair to point out that there have been many issues there over the years that have made headlines. But nothing about Blackrock in particular.

    Apart from my previous comments that's about all I can say on the development. I would be curious though, before parting with 180K as to why the house that I linked to earlier was pushed up so dramatically in price - as it looks bigger than the one you are buying and you could have had it for around £190 as recently as August.

    Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. I think whats making things harder is I have 2 young children and am trying to tick a lot of boxes. Im starting to go of the house to be honest and starting to feel I'm panick buying!

    I appreciate your help

  2. We have been looking at properties in the area, and for this size and detached its a reasonable price. Really finding it hard to find this in area we are looking and we are near completion day

    If you are happy with the area, price and house then why did you ask for opinions on the development/area? I just gave you mine as asked but it's a game of opinions :)

    I lived in Newtownabbey for 10 years and still have BT36 on my search list so I can see where you are coming from, however, I could honestly state I would pay £180K to live at the top of the Hydebank Road.

    If you are happy enough though, I wish you good luck.

    Sorry, I am grateful for your opinion, just don't know what to do, we need to make a decision sn and are running out of options. I'm not sure about the area thats the problem, I just want reassurance because I like the development itself

  3. I've been in the Blackrock development a few times over the years but not in that particular house type. Always thought they were extremely pricey but hey, weren't they all!

    From the pictures of the design, I agree it looks small (for a family) but it is probably fine size-wise for a couple or a couple with one child.

    Once furniture is added there will likely be a lack of space inside and no garage could mean storage issues. In a cross over with the other thread, houses tend to be close together and back gardens are quite small. It's a nice enough development but, for me, its in the back **** of no-where at the top of the Hydebank Road. Think that one is pricey @180K.

    Haven't got a history of that one but did notice this bigger one was sitting unsold for ages; reduced to £195k - still didn't sell; but the developer upped it recently by £30K!

    I wonder if that was due to there being a new release on the go?


    We have been looking at properties in the area, and for this size and detached its a reasonable price. Really finding it hard to find this in area we are looking and we are near completion day

  4. I honestly don't know.

    Its four bed but only one reception. I don't like that.

    Four bed and approx 1400sqft. I think that's small.

    And it's costing about £130 per square foot. I think that's expensive for what it is.

    Could you not think about renting in the development for 6 months and see how you get on?

    There is no rentals in the development at the moment. The is a family/kitchen/dining area at the back which could be split but I like open plan living

  5. Hi everyone,

    We sale agreed on our house 2 weeks ago to first time buyers.

    We are now having a really difficult time finding a house to move to, all the houses we look at our like 20K over rateable value.

    We have a bit of time because our buyers are co-ownership but starting to feel like we arent going to find something suitable to buy.

    If we dont find anything should we go ahead and sell and then rent in the hope something comes up

    Any advice appreciated!

  6. Now you need to take the time to weigh up each pro and con and see what's really important.

    Is a few months of mess in the house or maybe a six month period of renting whilst the house is being extended really that big a deal in the grand scheme of things? I'd be looking to keep my borrowing down at this moment in time and I'd always prefer to stay closer to friends and family but that is my own personal preference. You need to take the time and weigh each pro and con.

    Personally I'd try and take a bit of time and score each item in the list and gather the overall score for each option (pros - cons). For example, I have numbered each pro and con a score of 1 or 2 depending on importance to me. 1 = less important and 2 = more important. I would take away the cons total from the pros total.


    Pro 9

    Con 4

    Score: 5

    New House:

    Pro 4

    Con 5

    Score: -1

    This is a bit elementary but I hope you get the idea. From the scoring above I would favour the extension based on the things that are important to me. Trying to break things down can help put the important things into perspective. I hope this helps, even a little, to calm you down somewhat.

    Thank you so much squirl, I think Im putting extra pressure on myself as if I were to go for an extension I need to be on it quick to get planning permission applied for and get the work started quickly, I have heard that planning permission in northern ireland has started a streamlining scheme and that if no one objects planning can be through in 28 days, so i hear.

  7. Sounds like you're a bit stressed. Try and calm down. Are you happy in your home and area? Moving also brings about the possiblility that you could end up with annoying neighbours. So if you're happy where you are (despite house size) then maybe an extension is the way forward. Might be best if you get all the pros and cons of each option down on paper.

    Yes I am stressed so I have taken your advise and put together a list of pros and cons as below

    Pros of extension -

    stay in good desired area, close to family and friends

    stay close to school

    good neighbours

    get a bigger house

    no hassel of moving ie solicitor fees, worry of sale falling through

    Can design house the way I want it

    Cons of extension

    Living in mess for a while

    Worrying that the overall project doesnt go over budget

    Worrying what the exterior of house will look like at the end (matching up old red brick) guess thats one for the architect to work out with me

    Pros of moving

    Getting a newer house

    Bigger house

    Cons of moving

    Move to a different area away from friends

    Further to commut to school and work

    Further away from schools

    Stress and cost of moving

    Have to stop stressing as I really cant get rid of this headache, this is a lovely forum with good advice from all

  8. We went through the same dilemma for years, sell or extend? We were in semi and ultimately wanted to move to a detached so in the end we decided to sell. Similar to you, our house was on the market for a year with only 2 viewers until we got more realistic and dropped the price - only then did the viewers start coming. People are put off even looking at a house until they think they can afford it. We started at 275k in March 2008 and ended up selling for 175k in Oct 2009. At the time I was terrified that we were selling our house too cheaply as the type of house we could buy was still out of our reach. We took the plunge and decided to rent while we waited for them to fall further. I can honestly say I'm glad we did it. Our old house would probably only fetch about 150k now (or less). In addition, the type of house we want is gradually getting closer to our price range. There is no way the housing market is going up and as said above, the conditions are going to get worse which can only mean further house price falls. Hope this helps.

    At the moment to get the size of house we would like in the area and detached we would be adding on another 80k onto our mortgage, we are in a detached at the moment and the 2storey extension we have been quoted would be another 40K

    My head is so sore thinking about what to do, I have just dropped it 5K and 15K in total from I first put it on the market, but I know its going to do much, not sure what to do now, just so fed up with the whole thing

  9. Well, you are a seller so you can assume you are deluded, its the natural state for the human race :)

    You don't say why you are moving - is it becuase you need more space? If so then an extension would be the obvious option. Don't build an extension to make the house more sellable though - doesn't tend to work in a bear market.

    Four viewings in 10months indicates it unlikely to sell, doesn't it? You have to face the reality that we are facing a major crash and the end of rising house prices, if you really want to sell it cut the price to sell - make it stand out. Otherwise you may chase the market down.

    Yes need more space, I had liked the idea of a newer house as in around 5year old however hubby says you can make an old house feel newer inside with plastered walls etc, I have thought about moving for a long time so its getting my head around staying and extending.

    We couldnt afford to move to a house in the area with the size of house we would end up with extending,

    Thanks for all your speedy replies its helpful, Ive had such a headache about what to do

  10. I live in newtownabbey, northern ireland, and I have been looking at our house in relation to other properties that have sold and there is a semi in the same area which sold for 15k lower that my asking price, its same size but ours is detached.

    I had thought maybe the low amount of viewings was the current market conditions or am I just being completely daft and kidding myself that I will sell my house?

  11. Okay have had my house on the market for the past 10 months had one offer when I first put it on the market and 4 viewings in total, so have been advised to drop property another 5 K.

    My house is on a corner side and has a big side garden which is not used for anything really, my question is do I sit it out and try and move or would it be a better idea to extend in these current times?

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