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  1. Hi, Thanks to you both for taking the time to reply. I guess a lot of students find themselves in this predicament during the end of their tenancies. Many Thanks again. Nick
  2. Hi, Im aware that this topic has been discussed before but I could really do with some advice regarding the matter. I live in a student house in Leeds. There are 7 of us sharing the house and we are on a joint tenancy. We pay £346 pcm each (which I add is £80 more than identical houses on the same street!!). When we moved in we paid a deposit of £300 each. When we moved into the house it was an absolute state, there was rubbish everywhere, smashed lightbulbs all over the carpets, used condoms etc, well you get the picture. I have photographs of the house's condition the day we moved in. We asked the landlady to have the property professionally cleaned to which she declined. She did however offer us the tenants an agreed amount of money, of which i am struggling to find such receipts, to clean the property ourselves. Being students and being jobless in the summer we agreed and cleaned the house to an immaculate standard, which I also have photographs of. Throughout our tenancy the LL has promised several improvements to the property, 99% of which have never happened. For instance we have never had a carpet in the hallway just the underlining surface (we are not talking polished floor boards!!). Each room was supposed to be painted, due to the state they were left in, only the lounge was ever done. The LL has consistently acted in an unprofessional manor, ignoring phone calls and texts, which I must add she is charging us £5 for any SMS texts she has to send out, and just generally taking no pride in the property whatsoever. Around three months ago the whole front of the house starting smelling incredibly bad of sewerage. We complained to the LL and she took 5 weeks to even bother to come to the property. A burst pipe underneath the frontside of the house had been leaking human excrement (for which the plumbers advised must have been over 2 years) and had saturated the soil causing and unbearable stench for up to 6 weeks. We feel this should have been attended to with a matter of urgency rather than ignorance. Because annually we pay in excess of 25k our deposits are not protected by any of the government deposit protection schemes. We fear that the LL will not be returning any of our deposits and will charge us extortionate amounts for any damages (which as far as we are concerned is only one carpet) and not consider any discrepancies as "normal wear and tear" by us but mainly the previous tenants. Do we have any right to pay the LL the costs for the damaged carpet and £46 for our last months rent??? In such that she can keep our deposits as the remaining £300 for penultimate rent. Many Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this. Nick
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