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  1. I see thanks for the clarification, I guess it's now back to solicitor to find out if the building is already insured fully.
  2. Hi All, Sorry newbie here and 1st time house buyer. We're buying a flat. It's in a flat conversion in central London. It's a basement flat the offer is 345K. The Survey & Valuation came back and it mentioned the reinstatement value is 145K/flat. There are 2 other flats in the house, the ground flat and the top level flat which is a maisonette floor 1 and floor 2. Is reinstatement value of 145K/flat something that I need to worry about? When insuring the house should I insure 145K for the building or the entire building? I called the valuation guys but they are pretty useless, it's one of the company appointed by the bank. Thanks! xps
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