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  1. An open meeting hosted by the Green Party London faces a chronic housing shortage, with hundreds of thousands of families on council waiting lists - and more than 6,000 council properties standing empty. Also rents are climbing, and a recent survey showed those hoping to buy do not expect to do so until they are 38. Where do we go from here? What is to be done to help renters and first-time buyers, and stop buy-to-let landlords cashing in? The meeting will consist of a panel presentation followed by an open discussion. Speakers Rachel Orr – Shelter Dave Smith – London Citizens Katy John
  2. Dear all, I'm hoping someone who's had more sleep than me can sign post whereI might find evidence for a schools appea, of the decreased volume of house sales since 2008 in my area.......? a great big thank you in advance, Brockleybear
  3. My first nervous post & a personal one. I've lurked for 3 years since we started sellng our family home in SE4 in '07. While not everyones cup of tea it's our home, where our roots are & where we have grown our family & made wonderful friendships. We needed a larger place nearer good sec school. Our sale took 10 months, so when the place we were aiming for at auction didn't line up with dragging chain we proceeded with reduced valuation sale & moved to rented. Market stagnated (literally nothing worth viewing locally). So we moved to larger rented, back when we still ma
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