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  1. London? Shouldnt you be looking in Gloucester? Just don't go there in a shower of rain.
  2. The Met office has the forecast at 8 degrees for the next week. Hardly Moscow. But yes, our fuel oil usage is the highest since we moved to this house (4th winter). Up til now the November fill-up has lasted till April. We've got a week left, the tanker is due on Friday. £650 a pop.
  3. Would the currently successful Land Rover/Range Rover factory based there have an effect?
  4. A U-turn? From this government? Never.
  5. Good. If ever there was a good idea gone bad, Argos is it.
  6. Good. Of ever there was a good idea gone bad, Argos is it.
  7. FWIW I've had £10,000 in PB (1 block) for 2 years now. Won a total of £175 (7 x £25) spread fairly evenly through that time. I don't recommend PB to friends.
  8. Nothing personal buddy, but I really hope you've called this one wrong. Best of luck in your new cave.
  9. Very interesting, and promising, data. At present it seems a 2% swing either way could well be merely noise. It's in the right direction, though. Keep building your data and it'll become more and more reliable. Well done.
  10. For clarity, and because I can't edit cos I'm on a phone, the house above is in a small villiage 3 miles west of Chelteham. And for all the overpriced tat that is currently around, the above house is the worst example of overpricing that I've found locally. £400K should still buy a decent house around these parts. Just not a boomers ex-council house. The other example I have is in the same villiage - but down at the 'posh end'. On at £1.6M. Been for sale for 2 years, originally at £1.3M. They upped the price a year ago. I feel doomed.
  11. Without wishing to high jack your thread, I thought the exact same thoughts when my wife brought home the particulars of this house on Tuesday. http://m.rightmove.co.uk/quickPage.html;jsessionid=68A8FB1EEA4CFF2E10B01C269FD1AE51?page=8&cc=html5%2Fhomepage.html%3Fgoto%3DHOMEPAGE#details A 2 bed ex-council semi (blurb says 3 bed, but the EA accidentally mixed up a third bedroom with the attic). The villiage is one of our target areas, but it's not exactly picture-perfect. No pub for a start. Or shop. Or even bus stop. Just a post box and elderly villiage folk. How anyone thinks a 2 bed council house is worth nearly £400K is truly beyond me. No garage or even off-road parking. Scabby exterior. Dear God. I feel a bit I'll just thinking about it.
  12. This is the first time since we started renting in 2009 that I've felt things are stacking up nicely. I've always maintained that, alongside easy credit, sentiment is the key to lower house prices. Not rocket science, I know, but with all the minutiae of economics discussed here the only thing that will get the masses resigned to lower prices is sustained negative press. We've had that in spades recently. With the rest of the year looking positive we should continue to see more and more journos telling readers/viewers/listeners to get real with prices if they want to sell. Only 5 short years to go until we see the bottom...
  13. I assume yours is a family house. Any other details? Detached? Garden size? Price bracket? And congrats for deciding to shoot through and leave UK PLC to its demise without you
  14. Forex Factory has it between 3rd and 8th. Helpful innit.
  15. Why stop at 1? If you plough enough money into it, BTL is the gateway to untold riches. Best of luck pal.
  16. A blank PDF page (on iPad and iPhone, and in iBooks). With these Apple devices I am now used to documents not working properly...
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