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  1. He managed to Judo throw the first guy to jump on his back - it was impressive. But then he fell over and that was it. Obviously you can't get 80 pairs of boots going in on one guy so most of the rabble lost interest - I think they just enjoyed the chase. I will say one thing though; there were never any knives or weapons used in these encounters. Just honest to goodness fists and boots. The Scots are honourable that way
  2. I grew up in Scotland (left for London at 23) and I can attest that the "propaganda campaign" starts at Primary school during history lessons. Of course we all hated the English at our school because we were taught in great detail about the "Butcher Cumberland" who flayed young Scots alive at the Battle of Culloden. He was one of the many colourful characters we learnt about idly during the day. We also learnt about the incredibly brave William Wallace who, albeit being a serial killer, was a bloody hero through and through (the size of that sword!) I witnessed a whole year of male pupils (around 80 or so) chase "Frank the W*nk" round a school and beat the cr*p out of him because he was English. This kind of thing was commonplace. Character building stuff for Frank I'm sure (he did seem to do alright with the ladies though - perhaps that was the real reason they chased him?) If you went to a posh private school you were probably fine. If not then good luck (the nicest thing you'd be called would be "Sassenach"). So it's not really a stretch that there may be just a wee bit of hatred in the SNP for the English. As for racism down in England. The worst I've been called is a "sweaty sock" and even this was said with a smile. Two very different worlds.
  3. My wife has a WFH contract as does most of the company she works for. She also works a 4 day week (compressed hours 4 x10). In the Insurance IT sector most companies seem to be smart desking now so that employees can have at least one day a week WFH (I always go for Wed so it breaks up the week). So I'd say we were moving quite quickly now - presenteeism is gradually being faded out - much to the chagrin of "micro" middle managers. But agree with most on this thread on sentiment of less government not more please.
  4. Specific trains (the ones that come from Beckenham) are always on time. The Wimbledon ones not so much. Our last rental went on for 1.7million and sold for 1.35million 9 months later. Still loads of money but it all seems to be going in the right direction.
  5. Herne Hill is a b*stard to cycle through with that nightmare junction...but not sure what the relevance is?! (apart from being close by).
  6. I catch a train from North Dulwich every morning and have never had to stand up. Not only do you get a seat, you get a whole bank of seats to yourself. Which is great for someone who feels as unsociable as me in the morning. After living in Clapham for 3 years, Hammersmith for a year and Richmond for a year I know exactly what it feels like to be packed into a sardine tin on a daily basis - never going back to that. Now if only the house prices would come down in Dulwich so I could actually buy there!
  7. Funnily enough, as he's quite friendly looking and diminutive - almost like a small bear - the last thing you want to do is tut at him. You're more likely to grab his cheek and and make cooing noises. I think that why he gets away with being such a knob.
  8. He was chatting to another suit. But perhaps when I recount the story again he'll be by himself yelling manically into a megaphone holding a copy of "The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money".
  9. I walked past Mark Carney today (quite the little fellow!) on my way to St Pauls. I overheard him say the word "Premium" in his Canadian drawl. Try as I might to concoct a really great heckle (which I would never say anyway) I just came up blank. It's not like shouting "Sexy Beast" at Ben Kingsley...there's just nothing witty about interest rates.
  10. Upset I didn't get a "bit racist mate"...(I should have really mentioned that my girlfriend was Swedish...and also in Kindergarten)
  11. I once met a guy at a party that worked at the BBC. He was an arrogant wee ***** who started off my making sure everyone knew where he worked and later on attempted to snog my girlfriend (thinking of course that anything was possible when you work for the beeb). He got a few strong words from me and then made his excuses and left. His jib left a lasting impression though as he really did have a genuine superiority complex which seemed to stem from his job (mentioned it many times in conversation). I stopped paying my license years ago; all legal and above board when you don't watch live tv.
  12. I'll bet. We looked at a rental with Foxton's recently and put an offer in with them. Had to fill out a silly 2 page document (perhaps to put off cheeky offers which ours kind of was) and the Tennant Fee was about £850!! (I'm very glad our offer was refused in the end as it would have hurt to pay that for a clueless agent and zero service) We ended up going through a small independent who charged a total of £150 for admin and credit checks. They've been super proactive and responded to a few small issues immediately - not sure we would have had the same treatment with Foxtons.
  13. Perhaps I'm being picky - a lot of people would probably be fine with is as is. The guy who owns it inherited it and did it up on the cheap to rent out quickly (cheapie carpets, plastic corrugated conservatory roof)
  14. I believe you live in my neck of the woods. We're just about to move into another rental as our landlord is selling up - 3 bedroom in Dulwich for 1.7 million. Big garden but needs a good bit spent on it for a refurb. It's been on since Jan and has had 4 viewings. I think there would probably have been a queue to buy at for 1.7m in 2015. Anecdotally I'm seeing first hand the "turn".
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