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  1. I think the way to tackle this problem is to make people work say 10 hours a week for the £55 benefits. That way there is an incentive to do that little bit more. I agree with you in principle - incentive is the key and at the moment, for a certain section of the unemployed, the incentive just isn't there. By the way I have been unemployed in the past, I have signed on for a couple of months, so I have every sympathy with people who are genuinely struggling to find work.
  2. Hmmm still n o real change in my area [Cambridge]
  3. How about foodstamps? (or an electronic chip and pin type card seeing as it's 200) which can be used to buy weekly rations basically. If they want to earn extra cash, they have to put in a few hours honest work? It might sound unfair to put people on rations so to speak, but the current situation where some lazy individuals are maintaining a better standard of living than people with impeccable work ethic but low salaries, is simply ridiculous. One would think with all the cuts in the pipeline, our long term benefits leeches have to be firmly in the target zone.We haven't earned the reputation Benefits Britain for nothing. Just a thought.
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