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  1. Try and get into the mobile phone technology area. They pay quite alot of money but often starting at the bottom means shift work. Mobile technology is expanding at a vast rate. Take a look at www.monster.co.uk and www.jobserve.com. Often if you start at the bottom say £20-25k then these companies will pay for your training to get you into a specialist area providing your a good worker. There are 4 major network operators in your area already. Good luck.
  2. I am trying to convince my husband not to buy a newish house under any circumstances. I am having a problem convincing him however. I say Im not paying thousands of pounds for paper walls you can bang on and get that hollow tone. He says they keep the heat in better. Generally I think older houses give value for money which the new houses dont. There is also alot more space with an older house. What are other peoples thoughts? Im in no rush to buy at the moment btw.
  3. Malmesbury is a great area.... nice and posh!!! If you have managed to knock them down that much I would say go for it. If you are planning to stay for the long term ie.kids and family etc the Malmesburys schools are one of the best in Wiltshire. My friend lives on Tetbury hill and Im always very jealous when visiting...in a nice way of course! BTW is the new builds where that woman was murdered last year??? just a thought
  4. I moved to another gas company in Feb 2005 when British Gas stuck their prices up. Being me I couldnt not write a moan letter..... this is what I got back.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I apologise for the delay in my response to your enquiry regarding the price increase in September 2004. Unfortunately, the years of cheap energy in the United Kingdom have come to an end. I am sure that every energy supplier wishes that they were able to keep energy costs the same forever. Unfortunately, like any other business, if the cost o
  5. I dont understand why everything is still on sale in the shops.... Its the run up to Christmas now and shops are still selling stuff 50% off or more. Its bargains galore......... thing is nobody is buying
  6. I live in Chippenham (renting). Prices are going down slightly but holding in the village areas. Malmesbury is very nice, but as you say overpriced.
  7. Melbourne was great .... but you have to get a well paid job in a sort after trade to have a better lifestyle than here.
  8. Come on guys.... we all know where he really is!!!! Of course he's in Africa sorting out their debt problems.....
  9. There we were singing "park life" by Blur in the pubs and clubs in the 90's. Little did we know it was closer than we imagined
  10. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.html?f=17 some good advice there.
  11. Im getting 5.5% with egg that expires in November.... they messed up my account so I had a moan (not like me!) and they extended the offer from back in January for another 6 months. They werent happy about it though. I have heard Northern rock an e-saving account at 5.4% but not checked into it further.
  12. Ok... I can help you here as I used to work for Orange (aztec west) and lived in Stoke Gifford for 7 years. The houses in Bradley Stoke are very modern and you dont get much for your money. They were built in next to no time and have been described as having very little character. 3 Nice pubs though. The Orchard, The Bradley Stoke and The Sheep! The leisure centre has a pool and a library which is really nice. The traffic from the M4/M5 motorway is bad most of the day, but it does move eventually. Stoke Gifford is generally classed as a better area then Bradley Stoke as a bit more of a vil
  13. I know where I would like to ram my broom handle!!!
  14. Does anyone know any FTB's who bought property in 1989?? I wonder if they were bitter in 1993? Sh*t happens.....
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