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  1. Looking through the photos of the new builds, one thing stands out, the lack of green. Gardenless properties frighten me. There is nothing wrong with flats and high density living if there is access to gardens and green space. One thing we need to do more with planning is create zones. Zones of freedom, but also of protection. There is a real concern behind the NIMBY, and that is of loss of access to nature and other green amenities. Many of the new build estates we see today are without character - they have not grown organically. The playing field or football pitch, is of greater v
  2. TBWF falls down when you smash the window of a rich person or a bank. Don't smash the windows of the poor, but by all means blow up the right and left wings of the estates of those who hoard money to the detriment of everyone else and you shall create employment and wealth for the poor, paid for with hoarded wealth.
  3. 30 years ago, half of the people in my city lived in social housing, my parents generation were earning 10k, 20k, and partying in the 100s of nightclubs, getting drunk, having sex and saving money up, in THEIR council housings, breeding my generation. The Thatcher came, they still had decent homes and some could still party, but the dole queue beckoned for many, jobs in the oil industry for others. some were earning £400 a week then, and I know of nobody local earning that figure now.
  4. Ah, Sheffield, my home city. The place with a 100k waiting list for social housing but only 40k units of social housing and a turnover of just 1k units per year. Where parkhill a building once of 1000 units of social housing stands empty, draining the public's finances, after the council sold it for a quid and paid millions to evict people, and millions more to subsidise Urban Splash to stick cladding on it at a cost of £160k per flat. Parkhill property is massively overpriced for the city, and remains empty at great cost to the city in lost council tax. I emigrated to Barnsley for social
  5. About a year after writing this I ended up visiting the foodbank again - to receive food, after having being sanctioned thrice in a row, incorrectly after a short illness. In recent months however, I have been quite fortunate, I was attacked at random in the street and hospitalised, I was subsequently moved on to sickness benefits instead of JSA, my mental health problems practically disappeared overnight and it looks like I am also entitled to some criminal injuries compensation! Praise the lord for violent crime! - and the increased likellihood of being a vicitm, today, if one is poor (com
  6. Abolish housing benefit and increase benefits accordingly, or bring in a citizens income top up with the saving.
  7. If somebody died 10 days too soon, you could just leave them to rot a bit before declaring the death to avoid the tax. When tax changes go through, people avoid dying to avoid paying tax, by living longer and by their family members declaring their death later than - or even before it really occurred. Pretty soon people will be collecting the pensions of dead relatives instead of reporting them dead.
  8. This - they cannot afford to lower the rents - lower rents would result in bankruptcy. High rents and no tenants perversely keeps them afloat.
  9. I was about say similar. Destined to be here nearly. Or should that be it is of high statistical probably that I would be found on the hpc.
  10. All councils with a SHLAA have assumed builders will be making a 20%+ profit on home construction. 20%+
  11. I would like to say thanks to HPCer Venger for sending me the book, Go It Alone - The Streetwise Secrets of Self Employment. Hopefully it will be of great help to me when going self employed again in the near future. And if so, then perhaps I can do a good deed for somebody else in due course
  12. Having recently been sanctioned and had it overturned I encountered a few difficulties. I was ill and I phoned up and reported my illness, and requested a JSA 28 form. (People on JSA are entitled to two period of sickness up to 14 days in a year.) If suffering from sickness for longer one has to see a doctor and get signed off then claim ESA instead. - I expect the amount of ESA claimants has risen much more than the amount the JSA claimant count has fallen. So I was ill, I reported sickness and requested the correct form. Problem 1*, it wasn't sent out to me. *I was lucky I had access
  13. The welfare bill would rise even if you murdered every claimaint of JSA. The biggest part of the welfare bill is pensions and they rise above inflation.
  14. Under the decent homes program to address sub standard housing that in many cases had not had a new kitchen/bathroom/heating since construction in 1950 and was supposed to have a new one every 25 years. They won't be getting new kitchens in the next year, or next decade. Interestingly an estate I lived on, that took just 2 years to build. Well it has taken nearly a deacde to do the decent homes work, and that involved demolishing many properties as it was easier to do than bring them up to standard, and of course some are yet to have decent homes work. There is also a block of 1000 flats n
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