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  1. Sent a letter to my MP last Saturday. Margot James Conservative MP for Stourbridge. No response yet. Spiney.
  2. Today is not a bank holiday. 3 new properties added today acording to PB If estate agents have time to add new property then they should have time to relist a sstc? Around my way the estate agents are always very keen to list anything that has sold, just so it looks like things are selling. Spiney. P.S. How do you use the quote feature on this forum?
  3. Around my way 250 houses were for sale at Christmas with a sale price up to 180K The figure today 352!!! Number sstc over this holiday weekend 0!!! Its comming. Spiney
  4. Hi guys, Been lurking at HPC for 3 years now. Have been unable to post due to the restrictions of a works computer. They have given me a Panasonic CF-19 with no restrictions. So I look forward to joining the debate. UP THE BEARS!! Spiney
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