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  1. Agreed. I feel very sorry for them I really do but.... "every dog has its day". They will have theirs, and the fun will really start. They are now relient on us, but one day we will be relient on them. Will they remember the way they were treated? OH YES YOU CAN COUNT ON IT. Spiney.
  2. Hi guys, I work for one of the large insurance companies and can add a little flesh to the bones. For every £100 we receive in premiums for car insurance we pay out £120 in claims!!! As i'm sure you will understand this is not a good buisness model. The above is a fact!!! Because shit happenz. Spinney.
  3. Are you trying to wind up the bears? Must be negative........surely? Spiney.
  4. Thats my home town to..... .....Depresing isn't it!!! Spiney
  5. "Property asking prices FALL 4.4% in the West Midlands" according to Rightmove. 'kin hell. Some good prices falls on PBee over the weekend too. It's coming. Spiney.
  6. Missed it. F*cking BBC [email protected] PUT IT ON I PLAYER!!! Still the item on the 1'o clock news radio 4 on the RICS data made me spill my coffee. A good day me thinks. Spiney.
  7. Phil "This is a great future investment....... If you don't buy it i'll buy it myself" Great advice Phil, hasn't he gone bust? Spiney.
  8. Oh I see, don't have any guns got a few bows though. Spiney.
  9. No I'm here too. Also finding funny. Spiney.
  10. Thanks. Oh dear. So crack up booms are not good for housing bears? Spiney.
  11. As a young man in the last recession I was part of a gang. We got up to all sorts of criminal behaviour. In September 1991 I was lucky enough to enroll at a University a long way from home. A few months after I left for Uni there was a big Police bust and all my mates were convicted for drugs offences. A while after that there was a fight with another gang and every one got done for Affray (serious). Then there was a altercation with an off duty Policeman who ended up in intensive care and my mates in court on an attempted murder charge. My point? Well I'm just lucky I guess. If it wasn't for a free Uni education I would now have a very bad criminal record. Three of my friends from those days are dead. 1 Died in a car crash trying to evade the Police. 2 Died from heroin addiction. AS for myself, It was a very close shave!
  12. Sure Cannabis is a gateway drug, but only because you are forced to purchase from a drug dealer. Now if it were legal you could buy it from a chemist who would not offer you more harmful narcotics it would no longer be a gateway drug. Problem solved. Spiney.
  13. Doe yoe tek the p1ss out ta Quarry Bonk. Ma missis cums from tha. This is just around corner from me. AvidFan are you a local? Spiney.
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