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  1. Not me a bear all the way. I see 15% to 20% nominal falls over the next two years. with an additional 10% to 15% as a result of inflation over the same time period. Spiney.
  2. 'king hell, How did it come to this? People really are this stupid! My brother in law brought a £240 wrist watch on credit evan though he has at least 10 watches that just need new batteries. He borrows money and is constantly bailed out by his mother, he'll suck her dry and then come for his wifes parents money. I wonder how this will all end? Spiney.
  3. I have an alternative. Give any cash to a relative (that you trust) tell the authorities that you owed them the money because you lost a bet. Last Saturdays boxing match would be ideal for this purpose. Ok betting 100K on a boxing match may look a bit iffy, but let them prove otherwise. When you want the money back just have another retrospective bet this time you win 100K. Spiney.
  4. Good post. I live in the midlands and have a reasonably well paid job. You can buy decent house in my area for 150K, about half the price of London/SE. I have often wonderd why people just don't move away from London/SE? We have the same stuff here schools,hospitals,parks,pubs ect as they have there, the quality of life must be about equal so why do people prefer to stay in the SE?
  5. Thats easy for you to say! Best of luck with this. We must keep PB running. Spiney.
  6. Guys, Beerhunter has made an anouncement on the PB forum. Would post a link but don't know how? Spiney.
  7. Yes a fun sport. Will enjoy this over the coming months. Spiney.
  8. +1 Slow grinding falls from here 40% off by 2020 in real terms, after that anybodys guess. Spiney.
  9. Agree totally with this, as I'm an engineer who works for a large insurance company as an Engingeer surveyor. Good money for engineers in finance! Spiney.
  10. Oh I do like that, may have to quote in the future. Spiney.
  11. Good news, I will sleep well tonight. "BTL muppets doing the muppet dance!" Pay back's a bitch aint it! Spiney.
  12. Hi guys, Driving home this afternoon listening to BBC radio WM. They have a quiz called the "workforce challange" were two companys compete in a quiz over five days. Today some bloke from Portugal who sings at weddings and an estate agent. The DJ interviews both candidates prior to the start of the quiz. Danny Kelly the DJ asked the estate agent how much below peak vendors should price their properties. Estate agent replied "25%". I bet that pi55ed a few people off. Suprised me realy an honest EA from 'find a property.com' Spiney.
  13. 'kin hell! Thats taking the pi55!! Spiney.
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