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  1. Are you suggesting that we should offer now what a house was worth in Sept 2002. I am currently considering a house on today at 180k that sold in Sept 2002 for 125K. They will not like it if I offer 125k Spiney.
  2. I see our mate Sibley has left a comment at 9.28 "3% is not really going to make a big difference to anything. That will not be a blanket figure. Some areas will rise or stagnate. Sellers will sit this out. Nobody who doesn't need to sell cheap will bother putting their place on the market. We saw this before and it caused prices to rise. At the end of the day prices will rise 20% over the next 4 years. Rents going up all the time. This is the time to get on the ladder if you have the means. " Fark off Sibley. Spiney
  3. Good old nige!! They don't like it up 'em! Spiney.
  4. This is still happening, I get a call from the office "Get down to so and so and carry out an urgent inspection of this or that" Someone has caught them without a test cert and they come screaming for help. Happening more and more as companies seem to think they can circumvent the system and not bother with the thorough examinations on lifting equipment. Did you work for the HSE or local government? Spiney. Edited for grammer and spelling.
  5. Are you are on about vehicle lifts. These can be troublesome, the 2 posters can be a real problem safety wise. Spiney.
  6. I work in the West midlands the industrial heartland, inpecting lifting equipment for insurance purposes. Over the years I have had less and less industrial and manufacturing work (cranes, forklift trucks) and more commercial work (Lifts in buildings and disabled stair lift ect) We are losing our manufacturing base at an alarming rate. I've seen whole factories move lock stock and barrel to India, China, Eastern europe ect. Sorry but true. Spiney.
  7. Its difficult to buy British. The reason why? We don't make an anything in a sevice based economy! Spiney.
  8. ????? I'm just a PB user like the rest of you! I didn't fix it. I only reported here that it had been fixed. The real praise is for "Beerhunter" and co. Thanks you Beerhunter!!! Spiney.
  9. Hi guys and gals, A new version of PB is available. The old version is no longer supported. Go to the PB homepage and install the new version, all is good. That is all. Spiney.
  10. Why are you confident? Do you know something we do not? I hope you are wrong and its -1.3! Spinney
  11. Yep. A good one too, I studied Marine technology and electrical engineering there in the early 90's. Never been out of work since!! Spiney. edited for typo.
  12. Just been on BBC1 Midlands today (regional news) that house prices are set to rise 21% over the next five years!! Source national housing federation. HaHaHa Idiots both NHF and BBC, I feel like complaining. Spiney.
  13. Well the western half is for certain! Ho hum. Spiney.
  14. Rock on JD, good work!!! Spiney.
  15. I went Plimuff Uni in the 90's to, what a great time I had there too. As to how far do the students really extend? Well all over in my day certainly St Judes and the far side of Mutley Plain(Thats were i was) I knew one bloke who lived in Stone House(A real rough s**t hole) I think the OP may have a good point with this.
  16. Thats pretty cool. When are you going to record it. I want to here it on the radio!! Spiney.
  17. Please explain why not Bruce?? Enquiring minds need to know. Spiney.
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