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  1. 'Landlord owns a property worth £100,000 with 6% yield, £6000 PA income'

    Hmm, the only palces Ive seen where these sort of figure are true are in areas so rough that the house will be stripped of *everything* of value the moment its empty - wire, pipes, boiler, radiators.

    Seriously, Ive seen this happen. Tenants gets the boot, talks to Pikey Pete in the pupb, who tehn rolls up with his transit and a crow bar the next day.

    They do not even turn the water off as a rule.

    Yep this happend to the BTL house next door to me.

    I spoke the slumlord this evening he's not happy about the repair bill.

    I was though!! Ha Ha

  2. I know of someone who has been saving for a deposit for 10 years- and now discover that the government is going to take the money they pay in taxes and use it to empower someone who has not saved for ten years to compete with them for a home, thus driving up the cost.

    The party of the 'strivers' has pulled the rug out from under this guy- and he bloody voted for them. He is not a happy man.

    This is what has happend to me.


  3. Do you have a tenancy agreement?

    If you do the mortgage lender has to abide by it.

    Do you have time left to run on the tenancy agreement?

    If so that then that time is still left to run.

    Has your tenancy agreement reverted to a periodic agreement.

    If so then 2 full months notice is required.

    This happened to me last year and the mortgage company tried to evict me with 4 days notice.

    I took the mortgage company to court and the judge ruled that they had to give me 2 full months notice before they could even apply for an order to take possesion of the property.

    Hope this helps, I know how stressful this can be.

    Best of luck.


  4. I'm not against a good education, and practical experience isn't everything. What is needed above all else is talent and drive, and degree courses that are 2/3rds maths are preventing too many good engineers reaching their potential.


    My university course (electrical Eng) was 95% maths and was both boring and uninspiring. When I left education I found that I did not have many of the practical skills required of an electrcal engineer. I got a number of jobs without revealing my true qualifications in order to "skill up" on the practical side, this took another 3 years before I got a job that suited my qualifications and experiance.


  5. That is of course if you have any wealth to preserve - seems like many these days, don't. Probably why there doesn't seem to be as much of a backlash against the inflationary policies that are being aggressively pursued by TPTB.

    Working your nuts off for a decent number on the gross pay column which becomes next to nothing after paying tax and living expenses is a mugs game. Benefits are definitely a better option in that case but the system is unlikely to be able to be so generous for much longer so you could find yourself in a bad situation when things collapse.

    If you can own your house with a decent garden outright (a big if for those living in London/SE) , and no other debt then you are in a cracking position come what may. Build up a reserve of food that will keep you alive even if you had no income whatsoever, see what you can grow in the garden to supplement it. Make sure your property is secure to guard against potential crime and unrest should the economy deteriorate.

    Whilst the going is good, learn some useful skills in evening classes instead of going out on the booze so much. Use income from your job (with no debt to service and no rent to pay you get to keep everything after tax) to invest in aforementioned hard assets and maybe some shares in leading companies that produce essentials and you are set to deal with most eventualities. If the benefits system manages to endure then you are really laughing even if you lose your job.

    Don't get caught sitting on large amounts of cash that may get inflated away (and which would disqualify you from benefits) - or sitting on a pile of debt that may become unserviceable.

    Do you post on ukpreppers?


  6. Looking on Streetview the area looks a bit mixed in terms of housing with some strangely low asking prices.

    Isn't the traffic bad to get to STJ?

    Srangely low asking prices?? Can you provide a link?

    I'm looking to buy in Stourbridge. Norton is nice although overpriced in my opion. Same as Pedmore.

    Wollaston is not so good but prices are a bit lower.

    Avoid the outlying towns of Brierley Hill and The Lye.


  7. The LL claims that he has made good the mortgage debt and the mortgage company will now stop proceedings.

    I will wait and see if they send me a section 21 because thats what the judge said they must do. If the section 21 comes i'll move out if it does not i'll stay put.

    I know my deposit is not in a scheme!

    The LL claims and is correct that at the time of the original tenancy agreement it was not required to put the deposit in a scheme, but before the tenancy went periodic there were a number of later tenancy agreements drawn up after the date where the deposit would have needed to be put into a scheme.

    My plan is to sue for the return of the deposit money because it is not in a scheme after i have moved out, it would be great to have this money returned but if not it would also be great to use the law to "inconvience" the LL.

    My advice to anyone reading this who is in a similar posistion now or in the future is:

    1. Write the lender telling them you know the tenancy is binding on the lender. Because the morgage is BTL or the tenancy was agreed before the mortgage was issued. Give them 5 days to repond.


    3. DONT PANIC the court is not that awful hold your ground. Ask the judge to make an order on the grounds of the mortgage being BTL you wont be able to find if it is or not, the lender does not want you to know, but the judge will know and he is obliged to follow the law.


  8. Hi Guys,

    Went to court today and won.

    The Judge ruled that my tenancy was binding on the lender. The lender has to issue me with a section 21 and give me two months notice.

    In reality they can't execute the warrant of possession for two months and it will take a further 6 weeks or so to instruct the bailifs so its probably more like 3 months.

    A very stressful and worying time.

    1 goal to nil for the renters.

    Thanks for all your advice HPC members.


  9. Tuesdays update:

    The court hearing is on Monday 6 August at 9:55 at the Court.

    I'm being evicted on Thursday 9 August at 11:00!!!

    If the hearing goes against me i'll have 3 days to find somewhere to live and move all my stuff!

    Booked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of work just in case, my boss is sympathetic which is something I guess.

    How can this happen here - 3 Days to move!

    Angry Spiney.

  10. Are you calling me scum mate?


    This post was also meant to convey irony.

    Anyway enough about that. Todays update.

    Went to the County Court and served N244 for the suspension of warrant of possession.

    Included my evidence that I have a binding tenancy on the lender.

    Waiting now for a hearing date. I've never been to Court before.

    Does anyone have any advice about the hearing itself?


  11. Update.

    Have checked on the Land registry and the current mortgage was taken out Feb 06 so my tenency agreement is binding on the lender (mortgage express).

    I have telephoned emailed and written to the lenders agent for them to confirm that the tenancy is binding on the lender but they refuse point blank to confirm this.

    I am going to the County Court on Monday morning to request a suspension to the eviction based on the fact that I have a binding tenancy.

    Any other ideas???


  12. Ok guys thanks for the help so far.

    Tomorrow of to the court to complain that I was not given notice of the court hearing the notice i was given was six days late after the court hearing.

    Apply for a suspended possession order at the court.

    Visit to the local CAB.

    Start looking for a new place to live!!

    Any thing else I can do?


  13. If you get no joy from the lender you need to get the Court to give you more time and get the possession order suspended. If they obtained a possession order knowing full well a tenant was resident will put them in the bad books of any judge.

    Has the lender been granted a Warrant of Eviction yet. If a possession order has been granted to can apply to have this suspended to give your more time (suspended possession order).

    Thanks for the advice so far.

    Do I need to approach the court for a suspended possession order?

    How long wll this take?


  14. I think that you need a trip to the CAB

    AIUI, the mortgage company is obliged to tell you the date of the court hearing so that you can go and plead your case to the judge.

    If they didn't do that (or rather, if you can prove that they didn't do that) they are stuffed. But you have to sort it before the baliffs are at the door


    The lender's agent applied to the court for a warrant of possession on 3rd July but did not write to inform me until the 9th July.

    Is this what you mean?

    What should I do?


  15. Hi Guys,

    I am in trouble!!

    I live in a one bedroom flat on a periodic tenancy I have lived at this address since April 2003.

    On 9th July 2012 I received a letter from a solicitor acting on behalf of the mortgage company (Mortgage Express) informing me that Mortgage Express has obtained on order for possession against the property.

    I wrote back to the solicitor on 12th July 2012 explaining that I believed that a BTL mortgage had been taken out after I moved into the property in 2003 and that I was also on a periodic tenancy and that this made my tenancy agreement binding on the lender and they must give me two months notice to leave. I enclosed a copy of my original tenancy agreement as proof of my tenancy.

    I received a letter back from the solicitor on 18 July 2012 saying that they acknowledge the receipt of my letter and that they are waiting instruction from their client.

    I received a letter from the solicitor today dated 23 July saying that the possession order can now be enforced, and that a bailiffs appointment had been set for 9 August 2012 to take possession of the property.

    I phoned the court this afternoon and got a case number and the court informed me that they had not sent a notice of eviction out yet.

    I have spoken to both the lender and solicitor on the telephone today to no avail.

    All I want is my two month notice period!

    All help and advice will be gratefully received.


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