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  1. Hi, The MP has not missed the point. He does not want to acknowledge the point. Many, many people in the UK own homes, many have done very well (on paper) and they are the politically strong. FTB's are the marginal voters in most respects to politicians, as long as NuLab are prepared to keep the cheap cash and public spending flowing and a major external shock does not occur, they will maintain the same course. If he was to take serious action, he would lose more voters than he gains. Don't get me wrong, I think the UK plc is headed for a major fall at some point with the current course of a
  2. Hi, To cause a sudden, sharp crash, I think you will need rates around 7% or more. That is not as impossible as you might think. Despite the pressures of the ERM in the late eightees - early nintees when rates spiraled, there were next to no 'professional' economists predicting the spike in rates and deepening of the recession that was already in place at that time. That is why the market went pop, people didn't see it coming even though the whole economic horizon did all seem a bit stange at the time. The affect of a .25% raise will be far harder on industry and the exchanges. Ultimately, t
  3. Hi, This is true. It can be a big deal when you start talking serious amounts of money, if we consider industrial finance, the money markets or exchange markets. There is a lot of excess, speculative cash sloshing around the globe at the moment, it can be switched at the flick of a pinkie. Are we headed toward an era similar to the roaring twenties again, without central bank intervention? That's a big question troubling finance ministers around the world at the moment. Come on England! Come on England! England to beat Brazil in the final, Crouch to score a hatrick.
  4. Don't be so sure. Don't bank on a 70's style reflation, there's a something a brewin' in the BoE at the moment..... Here are some images of straw in the meantime.
  5. Hi, Errr ....... this is unbelievable. I want to read the original minutes of that meeting myself perhaps because that really is passing the buck as it is presented. Perhaps that is why Mervin has been so vocal to (seemingly) distance himself from BoE policy over the past few years. In another respect, the UK is still an oil producer, we should be benefiting from world oil prices, many other OPEC members are infact experiencing economic booms. That is a larger question I am researching at the current time in respect to some other work. There is a very identifiable link between UK economic
  6. Hi, Yes, I guess that is correct. Do you want me to explain how IP resolve hosts work? It is not like a telephone wire to your house. Do you understand that? PM if not and I will give you some pointers toward IP routing protocol so you are better able to understand. I do not know, I do not care how this has occured but my personal email account used to register here has also been under password attack for several weeks. Other members may wish to review the security of this site and their own personal information, that should be covered by the law of confidentiality. Oldie, you need to nip thi
  7. Hi, Can we kill this thread or at least change the original poster's (sam??) identity and avatar away from the one I use. Again, this person has hacked into this forum account and posted on my behalf. It is causing a little confusion. It should also be moved to the Troll sub-forum. I believe Bubb last year was also hoaxed on the forum by a spoof poster in a similar manner. Bored, desparate EA's can be quite devious if you question the current housing market, it seems. As for IMupNorth's straw clutching above, I am sorry to disappoint but your views are about the complete opposite of my curre
  8. Hi, Someone must have hacked the pass. I do not post as much as once I due to various reasons, I do still read regularly and if I come across something useful, I post. I did not consider myself one of the uberbears of this place but judging by the posts over the weekend here, I am preceived that way (who cares?!?!?). It is also amusing and interesting to feel the backlash of some members - listening and discussing people's views is one thing, going on personal attacks is not really the the thing I first came here to participate. (but this is not a face of concern). I do read a variety of inte
  9. Hello ; This is the real Boom_and_bust. A clever soul must have hacked my login. Seems I must have touched a nerve for someone to go to all the trouble. No fears, I am not off anywhere. Boomer
  10. I have had enough, i read this crappy board 24/7 praying for that bit of good news, it is time to get on with my life. I hate to say this, but we are just a bunch of sad gits hoping for the worse for other people. GOOD BYE
  11. Hi, That's a whole heap of straws you're clutching in your hand there ....
  12. Hi, We're OK though, it's the rest of the world who are one-by-one getting it wrong. There is a new paradigm here, a miracle economy in the UK based on a virtuos circle of house price rises feeding economic growth and then more house price and more growth and so on., If only they would learn, particularly those 'slow-lane' eurocrats over the channel. As house prices continue to rise and fuel economic growth, we will have plenty let over to settle the debts. It's different here because it is a small island with a big population and they are not making land anymore, don't you know, so the only
  13. Hi, Keep an eye on the stealth cuts Gordy is slyly tucking away here and there or transfers across the public accounts to plug the gaping defecit. The road and rail investment fund, the contingency oil reserves, the calls for public sector wage restraint, the police force cuts, the talk of health service cuts and ****** cheapest of the lot for a labour government ***** repeal of the pensioners winter heating allowance this past year. I wonder if many other public sector workers will feel happy to accept wage freezes while others get hefty increases. Now, I am not claiming yet that the sky is
  14. Hi, Sigh! How many times? I thought we have covered this. I do not live in the 'rat race'. There are far more profitable ventures in life than property. Far, far more profitable. If you can discover a talent or interest in life and stick with it, the world has a funny way of rewarding you for it. The challenge is to find your own particular talent or aptitude to contribute to the world. Once you do that, you're free for life, rat races do not exist for you anymore.
  15. Hi, In your model, can you account for increasing oil and commodities prices? I only say this as I myself have been digesting the recent OECD economic reports in the past week and in particular, on the UK, they do make quite a fair point that within the next 3-5 years, continuing high oil and commodities prices will retard growth within highly indebted countries with high house prices such as the UK. Yes, the UK specifically targeted in the analysis. The conclcusion drawn within the body report that high oil and commodities are a permanent, increasing aspect of the future as third world nati
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