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  1. I would not be surprised if the government does not treat this as a cash cow to milk for etra revenue for their pet projects. if i was an NR customer i would be at the bank first thing tomorrow to get my money pout.
  2. I have a copy of excel so if you could e-mail it to me it would be appreciated
  3. If anyone can help me with working out the interest on top of the capital, assuming a fixed rate of interest over the term of mortgage. I am assuming that the sum used is for compound interest and the repayments calculcated from the total over 25 years. The reason I am aking is how much theoretically save in interest if I put down a bigger deposit. I know that some providers have a "mortgage calculator" so if anyone can provide the equation I will be most grateful.
  4. They have had someone who was asked "with all this rapid increases will it end in a crash?" to which he stammered out that over the next 5 to 10 years prices will nor rise as quickly as they have done. Is this his coded speech for they will drop over the next 5 years before picking themselves up. Besides we need a crash, too many young uns need to get a home. As I told mrs gundog, we have a crash every generation or so to enable the first timers to get a place on the ladder.
  5. Oh my god! Here was I thinking it was the BTL rsoles who had pushed up houseprices by snapping up all the reasonable price properties for their own money grubbing egos satisfaction. All hail to Bogie and Soil for pointing out that it was the greedy pigs who sold their houses to BTLers so that they could rent it back from them till it crashed and could buy it back. A new way of house ownership where you buy and sell it but never move out of it. Sir, stick your head up your arrse and [email protected] upon it.
  6. Oh diddums, is paw liddle VI not shifting enough houses to keep his baby in new designer shoes? so he has to try and ramp up the market for an extra fat commision so that his sweety might perform the little tricks that he likes so much
  7. You must be a sad case if you have more than one identity. or a VI Troll
  8. A VI Troll, Fetch my Purdeys, This one will give me some fine sport!
  9. marky, welcome to HPC. glad to have you posting. Trolls are usefull part of the food chain. When we discover them we shoot them down and feed off them to provide us with moral sustenance and intestinal fortitude. Which is why when I spy a troll in my sights I say Grayson! Fetch my shotgun, I fancy some sport!
  10. I did.right before she fell victim to my shotguns. I fancied some sport!
  11. I say Grayson! bring me a machine gun, this is vermin control
  12. ]ACHTUNG! Trolls incoming. Target 1:Rapid descent. Target 2: zuzuspetals CRIMES Rapid Descent: incapapable of seperating fiction from fact and believing it. zuzuspetals: having no mind of his own, probably because he is Vapid Descents alter ego. Punishments in the troll arena: fight till one stands alive, to face troll in his section. Reward for surviving: sh1t! you mean they are gonna survive?!
  13. ACHTUNG! TEUFELWARNUNG! Two trolls are inbound to this locstat. Watch out for Rapid Descent and zuzuspetals. Growl is selling tickets to the callousseum now.
  14. There was no connection. It was Noah Scheete who decided to tear the paper, unfortunately he was careless with his choice of what to do with his discarded paper. He started the experiment in Sweden apparently and his leftover paper wound up in a certain Alfred Nobels factory where it had the effect of acting like blue touchpaper. Once he factory went up in a loud bang and smoke, someone was heard to ask "did someone bring paper into the dynamite preparation area?" to which one answered" yeah Noah Scheete" To which this day no member of the Scheete family ever worked thee again.
  15. The other problem was that after folding so many times, you would have lost too much blood due to paper cuts and so would no longer be able to carry on.
  16. You are thinking of Jacque Merde who was at Cambridge. Jacgue Scheete was the son of Johann Scheiss and Pisa Shitta, a German and Italian couple. He was adopted by the Scheetes of Belgium, distant cousins of Johanns uncle, Bullen. Jacques claim to fame was solving the mystery of why a sheet of A1 paper when folded in half would become A2 size and so on till it became infinitessimally small. So you have to know your Scheete in this life The shotguns are required in case Timothy Winters is in class and there is an Arithmatic Bird that he wants to shoot.
  17. "t – C/x = L + p" ?! I say Grayson! We have a troll who knows jacques scheete about calculus! Fetch the shotguns, class is about to start!
  18. More likely they will have a strudel slapping contest Just read monkey post thread about buying his house and I thought to myself in certain parts of the world monkey brains are a delicacy. Then I remembered about cannibals eating the brains of their dead enemy to learn his knowledge. So lets bash open monkeys brain, spread it on a small water buscuit, eat it and see if we too cannot come up with the same unique brand of ess-aitch-one-tee that he is the peoples chumpion of. Grayson! I am expecting company, place the traps and bring me a shotgun! I fancy some sport.
  19. I say Grayson! Some trolls are here! Fetch the shotgun I fancy some sport.
  20. A What? never mind. Spealing of hairdressers, they always seem to be opening up somewhere. Do they think that they are recession proof because they will cash in on the "new hairdo to cheer me up brigade"?
  21. If Mr Growl is away on a business trip, he could be getting a massage that comes with the BA Business class ticket, and probably not from a bloke. Out of curiosity what does Mr Growl do for a living that takes him away on business and how easy is it to get into? As for me the closest thing I get to a massage is a drying off with a rough towel after a day in the field.
  22. Perhaps they should screen an advert for Alvin's show straight after each advert for a shylocking homeowner loan company. It might make them think twice before reaching for the phone and sentencing themselves to penury.
  23. The wife told me about it. Am having problem with my signature. I cannot change the size or font, it keeps showing the tags when I think it is done. egand always appear. how do I resolve this?
  24. Sometimes I think that a Union will pick a fight at the slightest excuse. Remember the London Underground drivers who were sacked for serious safety breaches? The Unions were straight in there provoking Industrial Action trying to get them re-instated. These safety breaches were so serious they could have led to loss of life and it wasn't the once it happened, they had a history of safety problems. But the Bolshie Unionist called a strike claiming the drivers were being victimised.
  25. To be brutally honest I have looked at it and found it very easy to navigate compared to some of the "profeesional" sites that draw oohs and aaahs from "cognisceti"
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