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  1. Yes, But you response was an answer that implied "you could do no other". I was just trying to tease out the difference between "I can do no other, because I'm a greedy bugger who wants all the possible profit for myself" from "I can do no other, becausea otherwise it would be unprofitable". Your answer implied the second, but left open the first. As to whether you pay NMW that is another answer that implies "I am better than this" but leaves open two possibilities. Either you could get the same quality staff for NMW, but do not pay it as a you regard paying more as moral, which means you ar
  2. Your first paragraph is in contradiction with your second. Just because there is no coercion that doesn't guarantee "injin's market" is free of monopoly, corruption or barriers to entry. In fact, with no regulation at all, it is more likely to have monopoly, corruption or barriers to entry than markets regulated to minimise those problems.
  3. There's at least two major mis-apprehensions going on here....... What if he does "£300's profit worth of stacking " and you pay him £100. By extension paying the £300 a week guy £300 for "£900 profits worth of stacking". I.e. The guy earning £100 only does 1/3rd of the job that the guy you pay £300 does........ but you pay BOTH such a small proportion of the profit they create that you could easily double both their wages and still make a profit. Would you pay him £100 then, because you could get away with it (in a supply/demand for that job sense) or (say) £200 because you could get aw
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