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  1. It really is starting to get a bit ridiculous in Woking now. I was down the pub last night with 3 mates. They were all talking about how much they had made on their properties over the last couple of years. I have the opportunity to buy my current rented house from my landlord for a discount of circa £20,000 off the other properties on the street (needs redecorating, kitchen, garden doing etc.) I'm now thinking of taking him up on the offer........is this signs of a bubble? I just don't know anymore. I don't even like the house, or area but its all I can afford in the area
  2. I have finally calmed down after being incandescent with rage this weekend. This little beauty was on the market for £325,000 just before Christmas. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-43425505.html They haven't even done any work to the place, just put up a fence!!! :angry: In fact just looking at it now has made my blood boil........all I want is a house to live in, grrrrrrrrrr.
  3. I read an article online recently about a way of scamming the ATM's. You put in a withdrawal amount of say £250, but leave the top and bottom note in the dispenser. The notes left get withdrawn back in to the machine and the ATM thinks you have forgotten to take the cash. You then get a credit of £250 back in to your account whilst pocketing the notes you did withdraw. Not sure if it works though.
  4. I don't get the prices in Horsell. The schools are rubbish and all the houses are massively over priced IMHO.
  5. http://www.buzzfeed.com/catesevilla/reasons-why-buying-your-first-home-is-hell-on-earth Enjoy!
  6. You lucky git. I had the full on........why don't you buy now......prices are going up.......by the time I was your age.......blah, blah blah. Didn't help that my sister was saying how cheap the mortgage is on her £1m home (she is 10 years old that me and "got on the ladder" at the right time. I cant be bothered with it any more so I just drank wine until I fell asleep.
  7. Has this now become the great bread making recipe thread? I do think it is a cheap shot BTW.
  8. That's very helpful. I am a bit reluctant to change banks, currently with Natwest and the only reason is that their banking app really makes my life a great deal easier. I know if is a stupid reason to stick with a bank but I don't know what I would do without it now. Has anyone else had experience of some of the other bank app's?
  9. Thanks for the replies. I saw a cash ISA from Newcastle BS paying 2% with a 1% regular savings bonus. It is meant for those saving for a house deposit and they give you either £500 or £1000 cash back if you take a mortgage product with them depending on the size of your 'pot'. Zopa looks like a good option for putting some money away for the longer term at 4.6% plus they have a Safeguard fund to protect against bad debts. Is it really that straight forward and why aren't more people doing this if the money is Safeguarded? Is it because it is not tax free? I think I will start with the ISA as putting away around £1k per month from October means I will just reach my limit by Feb/March and then see what is around. Just noticed you can only save £500 per month so probably have to set one up in my wife's name as well. Lets hope she doesn't run off with it!
  10. I am very pleased this week as after many years I am finally debt free. A combination of leaving Uni in debt, wife losing her job whilst pregnant and some other stuff meant I was in about £30k of debt some 5 years ago. This has now all gone........hooray! In addition to this I have just had a pay rise. I am now in a position to save around £1000 per month which is great. However; other than using my ISA allowance of circa £500 where should I put my savings? I have thought about Premium Bonds but the returns don't look great. I may buy some tinned beans and gold coins just in case but where so other people put their money? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I believe we are currently in the 'eye of the storm'. Everything seems like it is getting back to normal (to the masses) and then booom..........
  12. I'm in a similar situation to that chap. I currently live in a property 'valued' at around £225,000 so with discount could get for £150k. I don't like the house or the estate but it is close to local train station, park, town etc. Others bought on my road back in the 80's whacked on an extension and they are now going for circa £325k. If I went and bought on the open market I would be looking at about 5 times salary whereas this way I could buy at about 2.5. I am probably better off than most and morally feel I should go and buy on open market but hey............
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