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  1. Hi Im an owner at Platinum House, were not even on Comer Homes web site anymore... After 11 years i finally had my parking space number painted.. I have not lived on complex for years but still own one and my niece looks after it for me, nothing much haw changed... we have had a lot of work done and Leisure complex has re-opened after being closed for 2 years... Both life work now but like others didnt for many many years... We have many leaks and they are struggling to fix them, car park gates constantly break with people driving into them, so i purposed new stronger gates...
  2. Luck Comer - how dodgy - see below Director Summary Mr Luke Andrew Comer has 51 company director or secretary appointments. Short name - Luke Comer Director ID : 906562246 Month/Year of Birth: 11/1957 (For security reasons we only show Month/Year) Address 1 Comer House 19 Station Road Barnet Hertfordshire United Kingdom EN5 1QJ Advertise on this website Company Summary Company Name Company Status WANDALE LIMITED Active TULSA LIMITED Active DINAGOLD LIMITED Active HINDALE LIMITED Active CALDA LIMITED Active CONEL LIMITED Active BILROSE LIMITED Active
  3. CHECK THIS OUT COMER HOMES LIMITED inShare. Companies House status: Active Company Information Registration Date: 28/01/1998 Registration Number: 03500705 Type: Private Limited with share capital Accounts filed on: 22/03/2011 For period to: 30/06/2010 Category: Dormant Registered Address 1 COMER HOUSE, 19 STATION ROAD BARNET EN5 1QJ Activities SIC classification code: 9999 SIC classification: DORMANT Cash at Bank : £0 Cash at bank and 'in hand' is the bank balance for COMER HOMES LIMITED at the end date of the period the accounts were for. Net Worth : £0 A comp
  4. makes you laugh... Comer brothers now live abroad and hardly in UK, they have an International arm now, they were caught in a scam in Nigeria, 300 million gone missing, shocking...
  5. I cannot see them selling, they were asking crazy prices, some upwards of 600K lol and such a small plot... There not selling anything at the moment... madness but thats comer for you
  6. Hi Mike No im not fighting them anymore, im sick of all there lies, im to busy working away at moment. Our leisure suit has been out of action for nearly 2 years, was suppose to re-open Dec but now there saying pool needs to completly re-tiled, its a joke... Our 2nd lift works now but nothing else is going on from what i hear.. I did see someone sold a 2 bed for £245K last Dec, id snap there hand off if i had got that offer. As i said before nothing will change, they must be so much in debt as so many complex are still for sale after 8 + years and no one is buying, our penthou
  7. Its all gone quiet on here...
  8. Hi Eagle No details on playfield, another owner thinks they might be linked to Playfiled the estate agents. I cant trace who i paid as i use to be with the Woolwhich Bank, so lost all old payments.. can't find anything in old files... Tried to message u but an error came up on here... Cheers Rob Ps, Monica Levinson use to be and probably still is part of Milton land the lease holders, i.e comer...
  9. Hi Eagle You do know that all these companies were really Comer and all went bust, taking our money with them.. Greenfield Property Management Ltd Building 1, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South New Southgate London N11 IGN 0208 211 4410 Reg No 4681997 Director Monica Levinson Opus Property Comsultancy Ltd The Old Coach House Harefield Grove Rickmansworth Road Harefield Middx UB9 6JY 08450 778878 - www.opusproperty.co.uk Christopher Phillips - Director Registered in England No. 3664365 Vat No . 919 2040 39 Can i ask are you going after Comer
  10. Hi Before FE Property we had Opus Greenfield Playfield Cheers Rob
  11. Everytime i check on Comer Homes i find something new on web and its always the same... Barnet wins £4m homes battle with Comer Group | Public Property UK13 Aug 2010 ... Barnet Council has won a fight with developer Comer Group to secure £4m towards affordable homes, schools and local community facilities. www.publicpropertyuk.com/.../barnet-wins-4m-homes-battle-with-comer-group/ New Scotland Yard officers swoop on the Medi Parc - Communities ...3 Mar 2010 ... http://harefield.uxbridgegazette.co.uk/ ... officers have swooped on the Medi Parc to order the development company to stop work.
  12. Platinum House now has permits and there are loads of spaces, i have rented mine out, also my service charge has dropped wich is nice.... Finally both lits are working. Not much else has changed though, leisure suite is still out of action, been over a year, outside clean they billed us £12k for has not been done, hall lighting still not working properly, So for over £2000 a year to very happy, hopefully things will improve.. I had a good look at all their sites are they all have so many unsold properties, especially theye flag ship site..
  13. Hi pool player Comer have learnt nothing in 10 years, all developemts were behind then and its still the same. 6 months after talking to CPM our pool is still out of action, we finally have parking permits though not bad 10 years later and our 2nd lift is working. Im still amazed they have not been headline news. Im waiting on new service charges, should be due anytime.. Good luck with legals, maybe they will become headline news now Olympics are due.. maybe contact Olympic committee and advise them or better still ' The Sun or News of World ' Cheers Rob
  14. More Stories from Harrow Observer about Comer Homes David v Goliath in Harefield By Nick Hurd, Conservative on Apr 20, I was at a packed meeting of the Harefield Residents Association last night. Villagers are furious at the damage done by Comer Homes to the Medi parc site , which has become a valued local nature reserve over the last twenty one years. Inspired by a similar campaign in Croxley green, they now want to register it as a village green . A bold scheme which has my support because It is a chance to secure a permanent legacy for future generations. I expect Comer Homes to put in
  15. Another Story from Dorset, includes Harrow and Bushey COMER Homes is facing a legal battle with builders dismissed from its flagship development on Portland. Knight Build Ltd will take on Comer in the courtroom claiming around 40 tradesmen were wrongfully dismissed from its site at Castletown. The company claims it has been locked out of the site since March 16 and not been allowed to take back thousands of pounds worth of construction equipment. But Comer Homes disputes the facts and a date has now been arranged for Knight Build to come on site and take the items. According to Knight B
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