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  1. You have made the, common, error of forgetting just how many failed projects there are. A very low proportion of projects ever result in a drug being brought to market. Therefore "a bit extra" is no where near enough. The income from successful projects need to produce many times the costs of that drug's development. In the case of pharmaceuticals, no patents means no new drugs. In other fields, the arguments are more evenly balanced. Certainly the massive numbers of patent filings by electronics companies does appear abusive, and I would be surprised if they made a net contribution to i
  2. HaHa! .... silence ... I always read this forum but rarely post. It's always worth reading a topic discussed that you do know something about - it makes you treat "experts" on threads on topics about which you are not familiar with more scepticism!
  3. A pharmaceutical company that produces a better product - oine that cures rather than merely treats - would clean up. To suggest that pharma companies delibrately make products which are not as good as they could is of course ********,
  4. Nearly right. Actually all patents last for twenty years regardless of field of technology. Where pharmaceutical patents differ is that if a product covered by the patent is granted marketing authorisation (all drugs must be authorised before sale after proof of efficacy and safety), it may be possible to get five extra years of protection for that product (a supplementary protection certificate).
  5. I look forward to your confirming that you have requested a 25% turnover cut to help the Greeks out.
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