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  1. You are really good at mincing words! Other landlords understand where i'm coming from and you never wil., I have gone above and beyond the call of dute for lots of my tenants, some come back again over the years, some have become freinds and as I said I have made mistakes which most other people have acknowledged. You are just being personal and rude and I have responded, and that was foolish I will just reply to people who are constructive not distructive
  2. Your spot on apart from one thing, only one tenant is scum the rest of my tenants are realy nice people, and you strike me as one of those people who works for someone else and is prob a tenant anyway and resents anyone who is successful, boo hoo
  3. Sorry didnt know it was an English test, though we were just blowing off steam, maybe you should got to www.sadlonleybookworm.com and entertain yourself, its obvious no one else is
  4. Your spot on! Id vote for you. And if im honest ive a lot to answer for but i trusted her and took my friends word, but if we give up completely on trust we are as bad as them, and my friend has started buying me extra pints so I know hes sorry
  5. Thanks got a full pic of you now, I know it was foolish and un business like but, I do still manage to have a bit of faith i human decency. And no one kicks themselves more than me for the mistakes I made. Shelter are dubious theres no doubt about that, or at least there legal team are. If they were really good lawers they would be in private practice. And is that a bit of jelousy there, Why shouldnt I retire early if I have worked hard enough to do so. I expect you want everyone else to do things for you. Every one else is more my frame of mind and prob had there faith in human kind kn
  6. Not looking for sympathty! hoping for info on dubious charities that pray on innocent landlords, obviously you not got any houses and dont understand maybe you are one of those tenants or again a lawer, dont you think if I could just sell I would. But then again why should I because of Scum
  7. Obviously you can not read, Its not been that easy and its not the 1st time and the point is that shelter and housing have screwed up a good business, for a lot of people. What are you a lawer or do you work for shelter. I'll swap situations for a day and see how you cope. I have ran business's all my life, never expected anyone else to provide for me but I resent other people stealing from me! Or maybe your one of those left wing liberal softies who feel sorry for everone
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