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  1. Must admit i did the GCSE-->A-Level-->Uni thing, but I did pretty well with it. In retrospect I have many friends in the IT industry who worked ground up and would be only slightly behind where they would have been without a degree. In some profressions you have to take the educational route eg: Lawyer/Doctor/Dentist, While there are many others where on the job training is much more critical.
  2. Thanks for that. Yep this is my first share, i might just get my own fridge actually if it comes to that. Hopefully it wont be too bad!
  3. Looking at going into a houseshare within the next 4 weeks. Just wondering... say you put beers/food in the fridge cupboards do you have to be as petty as putting your name on stuff or do you just hope people wont nick your stuff? I'm hoping to move in with young professionals if this makes any difference? Any help would be great Spanks
  4. The programme sounded so desperate. They were nearly pleading with viewings to start buying again, trying to revive the market. Salford is not a good place to live and within 10 years all the chavs wont be shifted, they'll have to go somewhere. Nobody dares to go past Salford Quay as they value their lives! and even there you have a pretty estate on your doorstep.
  5. I'd prob speak to the landlord first before going behind his back with Citizens advice etc... he might agree and be reasonable? No point going in full force is there? Remember he could make things awkward with a 12 month contract in the future
  6. It all boils down to what a home is worth to you! At the end of a day if you believe its worth 60 and you pay 60 your happy. If he thinks 100 is good and he's happy even after your warnings its his call... Personally i'm a FTB and have a large deposit and a good salary but i wont buy a terrace/crappy semi i'll wait around until I get the property i want for the price i am willing to pay. Sometimes people just want to get on with their lives and worry about crashes as they happen as many people will be in the same boat. Personally happy to rent until prices are more reasonable! Ciao!
  7. I'm just going to rent I think for the next year at least. I think the knowledge that you can flexibly move whenever you like just has too much of a +++. Another reason not to buy at the moment...areas will change dramatically I think. Image a couple earning say 25k between them... they buy a property for 50k and then its not worth 150k they release equity and then the price of their property drops dramatically, houses in that area now become more affordable to "less desirable folks". I belive that areas which havent grown as significantly will hold their value more and I hope to move into one of these areas!!!
  8. Hey, Decided to house share, just wondering do any of you guys rent or have rented in Didsbury, Manchester currently and how do you find it? Apparently the bus links are very good... (I work next to the uni) which is good. Cheers in advance
  9. Cheers thats some great advice. I've been mainly looking at sharing with a couple or another person. I'm going to start looking round south manchester (didsbury) i think to see whats avaiable. Mixed houses work better because theres more of a balance?
  10. No idea i've not seen much information about notice periods. Also i found that included bills/council tax vary from place to place
  11. What happens if you end up in a flat share with a really idiot? As far as I can tell it seems like renting in some cases where you cant bail until the 6 months contract is up ?
  12. would like to share with other young professionals work hard mon-fri play hard @ weekends
  13. What even living with other young professionals?
  14. thanks dunroamin I'll check out uk.easyroommate.com I'm basically looking for something to tide me over for a little while before house prices drop some more. I'm looking for somewhere around manchester! Spanks!
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