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  1. 10 years fixed, Yorkshire, 4.99 APR, £400 p/month + overpayment facility Expanding family? Not a problem with monthly benefits exceeding monthly repayment. After 20 years there is no mortgage so no rent to pay. Unexpected maintenance? I can always put it on my credit card. As I only work 37 hours a week and have a lot of spare time I can always take on another job and repay credit ASAP. I do not stretch myself financialy. Like I said, my rent is higher than mortgage repayments could be. What other option have I got, even if I think of getting married and having kids?
  2. fact fella it is crashing : so -3.5% yoy you call a crash? fact fella 25k is peanuts: many people would disagree. In fact most of them have exactly the same amount but the only difference is..they OWE it. fact fella you aint gonna get a 10x morgage (liar loan) - I am not looking for one. I never would.
  3. Ha, ha, ha that's funny! Remember someone in 2009 saying to me: "r u stupid!? Don't buy now! Wait a year or two. Houses will be cheaper after the crash" C mon guys, I thought you've realise by now. There will be NO crash, NO interest rate rise over the next 5 years. Yes prices will keep falling for the next 10y but very slowly. You cant afford housing crach. That's the only thing you've got left. Sorry.
  4. Are you revealing your true colours? "Only ones with salaries over 30k could be granted mortages. Anyone earning less should rent from them!" I cant see any problem with borrowing if you can afford repayments. I dont need 4 bed house for 200k. 2 bed for 85k would do.
  5. Friends? I never said I lived with my firends. Anyway, it would not be a good idea to share house with your friends. Two guys rent two identical flats. First one pays £500 and another £800. Should owner of the later be considered as a thief? Or maybe tenant is just an drunk idiot? It's "free" market. I want to borrow 4x yearly income. Is it really MEGA AMOUNT? My mortgage over 20y would be less than I pay now for 1 bed flat . Finaly if you have any problem with emigration talk to your local MP, don't just throw verbal abuse on the forum. It's not polite.
  6. 6 years, living free in quite big 3 bed shared house with lovely garden. House was on me and I lived there with 4 other guys. They used to work long hours mon-fri, partying heavily over the weekends and never asked me what the real rent is. I think they bellived it's what I said to them. Well, it's business isn't it.
  7. What is the maximum amount that could be lend to someone who has gross earnings of 15k pa, 25k deposit and excellent credit history (999 points @ creditexpert)??? I know every lender is different but I can't find any figures or ratios on their websites. Also, what difference your earnings make when applied for FTB or BTL mortgage? Any ideas?
  8. He must have PP. These flat are also availlable separately.
  9. I thought it's only a minor cut to HB. How could it affect BTL?
  10. It won't happen. There is commercial property on the ground floor. Not for sale.
  11. THX! And yes you r right. I can definitely see more properties coming to market right now. Good
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