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  1. I think you have hit the nail in the head, I had moments when I questioned if I was doing the right thing playing hard ball. Mrs.Tinbin nearly dropped on the spot when she overheard me reducing the offer by 5%!! I can laugh about it now but it was anything but funny at the time. If I had got a £1 for everytime I told her to trust me I would be a millionaire! My advice to anyone in a similar situation is just stick to your guns. I have taken many a piece of advice from posters on here which helped me along the way. Doccyboy sums it up in a nut shell for me though ... there will always be anoth
  2. cheers 2buyornot2buy I bought close to the Newtownabbey area
  3. Sorry that I haven't been posting as regularly as I would have liked for a while ... but I have only been busy buying a new home!! I decided to take the plunge again into home ownership because this particular house simply just ticked more boxes than it didn't and it represented good value for my money IMO, or in simple terms ... The right house at the right time. To give you a bit of background for those who are familiar with my situation, it is a 4 bedroom, semi detached property with a garage and a reasonable amount of land around it. The back garden is very private and the property it i
  4. There's an irony about those folk who won't sell their own house at a reasonable price ... but look at potential houses they would like to buy an make a judgement that they are over priced!! The market seems virtually non existent ... repo's are selling, Bugger all else is. Confirmation that the housing market is a farce. Sellers don't actually realise that they are in a standoff with themselves.
  5. I was thinking that myself. Imagine being in a rush to complete on a property with this carry on? It just goes to show how dependant all businesses are on computers, not just banks. However in this day and age you would expect the Bank would have a back up system for this sort of fiasco
  6. This forum has been a good source of entertainment as well ... I still chuckle to myself about the .. Deploy the blamethrower ... comment a while back.
  7. Most of the EA's I have dealt with have an arrogance about them. There doesn't seem to be any common ground between a buyer and an EA at the minute because most buyers are trying to drive a hard bargain (rightly so I should add) and this is not welcomed in any shape or form. EA's seem to have this misplaced idea that the buck stops with them ... i.e 'the value is correct because they said so ... disagree at your peril' If EA's got marks out of ten for their service then i'm afraid the average mark I would give would be minus 5. I know it is a cliche but they really do need to wake up and reco
  8. 50,000 posts ... and countless amounts of anoanymous readers who no doubt have benefited from the forum.
  9. It depends, every situation is different ... If you are a FTBer and have never been on the market before then I would recommend continuing to rent as opposed to buying as the market is still in decline. I would imagine that it would take the average FTBer a period of years to save a deposit themselves, how disappointing would it be to put that down on a house only to find that it disappears down a black hole as 10% is wiped off the value of the property in the next year or so. For me, perhaps things are different to a FTBer. I was a previous home owner and I sold up almost 2 years ago. I didn
  10. Inheritance tax ... whoo, now that is a complex issue. There probably is some loophole with this, similar to the news story I heard today regarding Jimmy Carr avoiding paying income tax by some scheme whereby a loan with no repayment date is somehow involved. It is a joke really when you think a loophole exists that means a millionaire only has to pay something like 1% tax... its no wonder our economy is in the state it is in. I would imagine that this particular method of avoiding Inheritance tax would probably be one element of a much larger combination of approaches. The most common mista
  11. Mortgage crisis reaches door of Bank of Mum and Dad Parents and grandparents who have borrowed to get their youngsters on to the housing ladder are themselves now falling into financial difficulties. Debt counsellors are reporting a surge of people in their sixties and older falling into mortgage arrears, with some eighty-year-olds behind on their payments. They fear that the spurt could be the start of a worrying trend in which many retired people, who, in the past, would long since have paid off the mortgage, are still on the hook for hundreds of thousands of pounds. One reason they remain
  12. Most have learned? ... This makes me laugh. Asking prices are shockingly out of kilter with reality? I would go as far to say that asking prices are now OFFENSIVE to buyers. Its interesting to hear an EA talk about credibility!!
  13. Cost of new mortgages on the rise as lenders seek to shore up their own battered finances The cost of a new home loan has begun to creep up as mortgage lenders seek to shore up battered profit margins. Banks and building societies are also raising rates in a bid to avoid becoming the most competitive lender left in the market, and subsequently being swamped by demand from buyers. On top of this, the dire situation on the continent is pushing UK house prices down and making risk-averse banks demand larger deposits from buyers. Last week, Halifax, Britain’s biggest mortgage lender, increase
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