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  1. Cheers guys for all the feedback ,it is gratefully accepted I will let you know how things progress I am a really good tenant and for the record I am secretary of their village hall and manage to run a fete every year with the committee raising around £3000
  2. No we moved into property on July1st 1996
  3. I don't want to move as I live in a fantastic place but I don't want to be bullied either
  4. Ok here is letter in full Dear blah blah blah, Your lease has now come to an end and by virtue of section5(2) of the housing act 1988 you are entitled to remain in possession on the same terms as are set out in your lease until such time as either LL or tenant give notice to the other The LL is content for this to be the case and to avoid the necessity for a new lease and the cost therof as the rent payable will be due for biennial review with effect from july 1 it is propose that it is increased by ( I wont give a figure but it is also going up by £50 per month} it would be appreciated if you adjust your standing order accordingly thereafter You are asked to give a minimum of three months notics in writing but noyt to be served so as to take effect in the winter months of Dec, Jan or Feb to bring the continuation of the lease to anend. please confirm by signing the letter
  5. No not in the original lease no I have a short hold assured tenancy and have been renewing it every two years for 13 years( thei first year was just one year)
  6. I have just received my new lease and my landlord has said that I cannot give 3 months notice to move out in the winter months is this legal??? I am unsure and worried that if I sign it and something happens where I have to leave what will happen please help !!
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