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  1. Hi, I served a Section 21 two months ago and completed a NB5 a week ago. My tenants signed an AST in October 09 and only paid one month rent but I did have two months deposit. I've been trying to get hold of him for some time and he isn't answering my calls or opening the door. I sent a letter to him on Monday this week saying that i will be inspecting the property as i'm concerned that i've had no reply (he could be dead for all i know!). I should have done this earlier I know. When I visited the property yesterday I found a bunch of youths smoking cannabis outside the house and when i asked them what they were doing outside my house they all did a runner and the back door was left open. Naturally being concerned for the property and the tenant i called the police to search the property and subsequently purchased a lock and changed the front door lock. I've come to learn today that the tenant is actually living there and he broke the new lock to enter the property yesterday night. He has phoned me today saying he will be taking legal action for unlawful eviction. I'm an honest bloke and this is the first property im renting and i dont believe i've done anything wrong. I had reasonable grounds to believe my house had squatters. Have i broken the law? What are the consequences of my actions? Thanks Thomas
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