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  1. Maybe they will propagate the fear of deflation, for a couple of months before turning on the presses of little impression?
  2. Agreed, during any economic reset in the country there has to be some economic changes that will occur. In the events of these economic changes, the people will be affected in one way or another. In terms of home ownership versus rental it is best that the individual who had their hopes of owning their own homes put the plans on hold as the great reset unfolds as it will negatively affects them and their overall economic growth. At the moment it is bet to focus more on renting a home rather than owning one. This to keep nimble and enjoy life including all of its uncertainties with out the certainty of depreciating debt.
  3. Agreed, however warfare has changed significantly and nuclear sunshine bombs, make conflict a less likely method of destroying & rebuilding. So what do you see happening?
  4. Good luck & best wishes to you & family
  5. Plan 'b' may be the best plan after all. Get out of the country. Where to and why there?
  6. No surprise, if you have ever been there
  7. If the population care of the politicians, underwrite's their risk. Why will they ever do anything but attempt to increase debt, by created money. Which is all in the false economy, having no reality to trade? It is when you realise that father christmas is a made up story, that you often enjoy christmas less.
  8. Thanks a good read. I feel, that the velocity of money is on the floor & falling and that absurdly house movement is key to increasing velocity, (or is the easy option for politicians), to avoid deflation. So when the euro excuse bursts, we can re establish the illusion of economic progress. But this will be an opportunity to buy houses around 30 percent from todays suggestions.
  9. I found the following an interesting appraisal of the current situation re capital/debt and the relative velocity of money, or lack of ; http://www.lewrockwell.com/crovelli/crovelli46.1.html
  10. Brute experience will herald the change, brought about by events. Nothing that politics or economics predicts, ever calculates human history. Watch people and smell the fear!
  11. It appears an event will trigger the collapse in house of cards, there are many references, this is one of today's; www.arabianmoney.net/gold-silver/2011/09/18/awaiting-the-capitulation-event-as-stimulus-no-longer-works/ The question is when?
  12. Estate agents. a common feature in housing, appear to have little to no regulation despite describing themselves as a profession. How is this appropriate? Further as you can understand, that it is not appropriate, what is taking place to cover this legislative shortfall?
  13. Good question is it probable that the cost of their debt will demand increased interest rates internationally as an effect of their need to borrow will remain, in order to exist. Therefore our rates increase, rapidly to a normal rate. The illusion of can kicking hits a wall, which gets higher with every kick?
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