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  1. But from an extraordinary level. I understand that the emporer's Palace was considered to be worth more than the US state of california.
  2. You didn't make your own luck. You were just lucky, as was I. Like you I STR in 2007 (having bought in 1998 and benefited from 100% plus inflation) and bought back in (at 2002 prices) a year later. I could not have timed it better but I had been thinking of doing it for years. At any other time I would have come unstuck. My mortgage was a lifetime tracker which is currently less than 1%. If I have any regrets it's not stretching myself financially in 2008.
  3. Bangalore money is probably more expensive. Their costs are going through the roof.
  4. Subscribe to Readly. You can view loads of magazines. There are plenty on self build.
  5. What multiple of annual pension would tempt you to transfer out of a typical final salary scheme assuming you have a partner?
  6. Japan fell nearly 50% nominal and significantly more real. Never say never. https://www.ceicdata.com/en/indicator/japan/real-residential-property-price-index
  7. About £1.5k per m2 for a fairly typical specification. That's to demolish and rebuild. Much more for high quality throughout /extensive glazing etc.
  8. Excess deaths above statistical expectations will ultimately be the measure of the impact that the virus has had on mortality.
  9. The challenge with the flu jab is accurately predicting the strain that will be circulating in any given year. Scientists trap migrating birds and swab them and i believe that they use this data to take a view on which flu jab to manufacture. Get this wrong and the efficy of jab is low.
  10. By the time I am 55 I can almost guarantee that the government will have closed this option. I'm 50 and everything seems to evaporate just as I become entitled. The marriage allowance disappeared circa 1998. How do I know. That's the year I got married.
  11. No. The trick is to take no more than the 25% lump sum. You can then continue paying all of your salary into a pension upto £40k per annum. There is no point in going down into the tax free allowance though.
  12. I assume that you live in an area of the country south of Stafford because I very much doubt that the figures you quote would be applicable in most areas North of Stafford.
  13. Isn't this what universal credit was meant to deal with?
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