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  1. if by assured you mean with a contract and a moving in and moving out date then yes!but seriously i still dont understand these landlords they know the law they just dont care mine makes sure he rents his rooms to naive people (so he thought at least)coming from other countries so he can put the deposit in his savings account and have lots of interests...
  2. thanx well ive been here only for a month so i guess i will wait until i leave and if he doesnt give my my deposit back i will sue him then...
  3. I dont live with him....the guy told me he didnt have to cause it was a room by room rental...I read that as long as he give me the deposit back i cant sue him for not protecting it,is it true? But im sure he wont give it back to me he never does,other tenants are gonna sue him for that! other question:if he secures the deposit after the 14 legal days can i still sue him?thanx
  4. hi guys, i recently moved into a flatshare, and I signed a agreement for a year. I discovered my landlord didnt protect my deposit(actually he wrote in my contract that he would keep the money in his possession)when I confronted him he said he didnt have to put my deposit in the deposit scheme because it only applied to whole units rentals(when you rent the appartment as a whole unit not room by room)and well im renting a room not a whole appartment... Can you guys confirm that he lied to my face saying that>? I mean how stupid a law would be if it protects only tenants who rents entire flats and not the one who are in a flatshare? I still live in the flat, can I sue him before I live?
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