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  1. you might have a different attitude if you'd lost your job and can't get another.

    So far the pain has been mainly in the private sector, but its about to hit the public sector big time.

    In years to come we'll certainly remember 09/10/11 for something. Whether its another great depression we've yet to see...

  2. I left university in 1975 and have never lived on my own. I could never afford to even rent on my own, never mind buy. I shared rented flats/house with other people until I shacked up with my boyfriend, later my husband. The first property I ever owned is the house I live in now, which we bought together.

    I have known friends buy flats/houses with a mortgage in their name only, but always either with an inheritance or by supplementing their income with a lodger. In 35 years no-one I've known (well) has been able to afford to buy or rent a two bedroomed property for sole occupation with a single income.

    For people like me, therefore, your situation has been the norm.

    Edit: spelling, again

    In answer to the original question.... no you haven't missed anything. This is the reality of 2010. Some would say that with a salary of £20k you are rather lucky...

  3. Thinking of buying soon, Post Office have offered me a competitive mortgage fixed repayment 5.05% over 5 years 25yr term to borrow £290,000 I have £65,000 deposit.

    House is on at £390,000 nice 4 bed detached lovely area in Bournemouth thinking of offering £340,000 and seeing what I can get.

    My reasoning for buying now, rates will shoot up causing repayments to be unviable and the number of quality houses on the market will decrease.

    Any thoughts on this?

    According to the news this morning, the housing market is on the up again.... so may be this is the time to buy.

  4. I don't know how any leftie can justify this, if I were one I would have to talk to the cameras with my fingers crossed behind my back.

    thank god they're gone, atleast for a while,

    I have a funny feeling that the U.K population will blame all of the cuts and taxes on the [email protected] coalition and we could be looking at David Miliband making his acceptance speech in four and a bit years

    Labour Hid Scorched Earth debts.

    Should we be surprised? They knew the game was up and it was a desparate attempt to salvage something. I wonder why Labour didn't want to make a go of it with the Lib-Dems? Better to have 4 years in opposition and let others sort the worst of it out and then have another go under a new regime.

  5. :lol:

    Well, as it happens, and I should know - have been looking for 3 years, to buy a house like the one in questio, 3 years ago would have meant us selling our house and getting a mortgage of about 80k. As it is, we are cash buyers with a nice lump left over......STR in July 2007.

    I don't think many people will mourn the passing of HIPS. It contained information buyers should ask for anyway and sellers should have available. As mentioned above if a seller can't provide the information, then proceed with caution.

  6. Easily commutable to high-paying public sector jobs in Leeds and the surrounding area.

    Pretty, desirable city with very few chav hellholes (Tang Hall being about the only serious one).

    Tourist attractions boost desirability.

    Fast and relatively reliable train to London (I know someone who commutes to London daily).

    Even so, I'm surprised that York was barely affected by the 2007-08 reductions, except in the very low end properties.

    Not quite sure about Tang Hall being the only Chav hellhole but York is definitely an attractive place to be.

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