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  1. OK it's a few years old now, but I came across this site which talks about us HPCers..... Here
  2. The changes are very regionalised. I live in York and property prices seem reasoably stable at the moment.
  3. So far the pain has been mainly in the private sector, but its about to hit the public sector big time. In years to come we'll certainly remember 09/10/11 for something. Whether its another great depression we've yet to see...
  4. In answer to the original question.... no you haven't missed anything. This is the reality of 2010. Some would say that with a salary of £20k you are rather lucky...
  5. When I try to log in with IE7 I get the error message - No sign in name entered. Anyone else get this? No problems with IE8 or Firefox
  6. According to the news this morning, the housing market is on the up again.... so may be this is the time to buy.
  7. Labour Hid Scorched Earth debts. Should we be surprised? They knew the game was up and it was a desparate attempt to salvage something. I wonder why Labour didn't want to make a go of it with the Lib-Dems? Better to have 4 years in opposition and let others sort the worst of it out and then have another go under a new regime.
  8. Good luck with the project. It will be good to hear Alvin back. He has done some good work on Radio 4.
  9. As rates are likely to stay low for some time, hang on to your gold...
  10. Like doccyboy I use have used Selftrade. Haven't used anyone else so I can't compare, but I have not had any problems with them.
  11. I don't think many people will mourn the passing of HIPS. It contained information buyers should ask for anyway and sellers should have available. As mentioned above if a seller can't provide the information, then proceed with caution.
  12. Not quite sure about Tang Hall being the only Chav hellhole but York is definitely an attractive place to be.
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