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  1. It all depends on perspective, relative to many in the private sector VERS is undoubtedly quite generous, but compared to those in the financial sector, who had a large part in creating the mess we all now collectively have to deal with, less so.
  2. OK - but VERS (voluntary early release scheme) is not compulsory. Many people's application are probably little more than kite flying to see how much they might get, as an option / fall back position. The MoD were after 4000 to go on VERS this year and ended up with 14000 applicants (about 20% of the workforce) but with few job opportunities outside how many will actually accept offers made under the VERS scheme, will they actually get 8000 ? This has some way to run yet.
  3. I think the message re falling prices is slowly getting to the masses, albeit is not well received or widely bragged about at dinner parties. Of course agents and vendors are doing fine ostritch impersonations, because it suits their purpose (unless they truly are in a hurry to sell). It has taken a long time for the knowledge eccconomy to take hold and establish the wonderful paradigm of ever rising house prices and wealth for nowt, it'll take a similar period for this view to be completely discounted. As for the truth, that is a matter of opinion, City of London bankers are probably convin
  4. I think a good few will be converted to flats. I grew up in west London and there were streets of large victorian houses close by that would once have been single family occupied with a live in servant or two - practically all had numerous doorbells etc suggesting the majority had been broken up. The really run down ones will probably get flattened and redevelopped for smaller, higher density units. That said both of the above require access to capital, which is currently in short supply for such speculative projects, so guess in the short term this gives a bit more momentum to falling pr
  5. Not really, Hitler had a fair few plans in 1945, thankfully it didn't quite work out as he wanted it to.
  6. I had a conversation with an agent a few months back about a house, and he confirmed that the asking prices are often set by what the vendor needs to cover the debt, plus a bit. Went to see one a few months ago that looked abit pricey, ascertained the owner, a recent divorcee bought it at the 2007 peak and had aded a further 15% or so on. Offered the 2007 price minus 10% - unsurprisingly no go, though the agent at the time accepted my rational. Had previously been on for £210k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31634270.html?premiumA=true But it seems to keep getting so
  7. Progress - modern housing - so you can have a dump while you're cooking your sausages - multitasking at its very best.
  8. I thought building regs required a seperate "room" between a lavatory and a food prep area, often resulting in a couple of doors very close together. I remember living in a student hovel that had such an arrangement. Thought I would have moved on by this time of life, boy was I wrong.
  9. Just bought a new (to me) car on an 05 plate. Talking to the dealers the market for good low mileage, recent reg 2nd hand is very strong and the new market very week. The chap two door up from me is a dealer and he reckons he's just had a bumper week selling 11 second hand cars instead of his usual 5 or 6.
  10. If that had happened think of the development and off plan opportunities in Buenos Aires
  11. The use of most of our equipment is predicated on gaining technological superiority on the battlefield, including air cover and electronic comms (GPS amongst others). We are far too small to take on another power that has equally sophisticated equipment - we couldn't win in a war of attrition. In this context carriers do make some sense in being platforms to project power against countries with less sophisticated weapons. This is nothing new, we used to send in a gun boat to project power against non industrialised countries, the change is there are more players in the club with sophisticat
  12. I wonder if we will still have three services after the SDR - some talk of the RAF being split into land and maritime aviation (ie army and navy). Next few months will be interesting times. I thought this forum was about housing ?
  13. Just an anecdotal We're looking on the Somerset Wiltshire border, around the £180k mark An agent in Warminster has advised that we should be putting in offers no lower than £3 or 4 K below the asking prices, and to buy before january as the ecconomy is starting to pick up. Same old same old Lots of property seems to be sticking, and there's definitely more on the market - still overpriced though IMHO.
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