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  1. 600+ in total, of which 150 + VAT pp (x 2 for us) for changing name on a word document and printing it. Depressed!
  2. I probably can work out 5% of 10k, I have a calculator . Thanks to everyone answering my question, appreciate it.
  3. Could anyone help please with total interest earned on certificate bought today for amount say £10k and if RPI goes down from say 5.0% to 4.5% in first year?
  4. +1 Flat (near Maidenhead station) I am renting currently has just gone For Sale. Landlord is earning fairly good rental on it, as I understand. Early days though, but EA haven't called for any viewing. It will be interesting to experience how things are going in current market.
  5. Thats enough to get a BTL mortgage in this country. Your yearly ISA allowance might be an option...
  6. I am an immigrant living in Maidenhead. Just feel that there should be a cap though I have no idea about UK's business/economic requirements for immigrants. Some of the side effects of increased immigration; 1. State funded other language schools. Why the **** should government pay for those schools when this is an English country. I guess votes. 2. Areas in towns/cities where a particular population is majority. Seems a bit tough to control from law and order point of view. Illegal things going on and becomes tough to catch due to unity. e.g. Wembly, Harrow and Weald regions around London.
  7. I was hopeful with LibCon to increase CGT to a level where it would stop speculation on houses or some other action atleast. And with a view to buy mid next year. But since there isn't anything in this budget to suggest any short term downward movement, I don't think I'll be buying mid next year. I'll wait till the effect of 25% reduction in public spending takes place which I think will be by the end of next year. OR Rise in inflation -> Interest rates rise due to VAT rise etc. which again is next year. So another 18 - 24 months min of paying other house owners mortgages. Just feel qu
  8. http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKTRE65G1Z820100617 Not sure which one to believe BBC or Reuters. Inclined to believe later.
  9. Thanks for the information. Hope tories do allow markets to take their natural course...
  10. Low IR, build few homes etc. I too hope house prices fall, m FTB planning to buy mid next year but will postpone if required.
  11. A while back, FSA probably conducted a stress test against tax payer supported banks with 20% drop in house prices and results were not good. I don't see a reason for government NOT to artificially keep high prices for survival of banks, getting a return on tax payers money and keeping people in home AGAINST benefit of low prices for ftb. I am not an expert on this topic but this is just a feeling and I am sure Labour would NOT have allowed prices to fall at any cost. Not really sure about conservatives though, no experience with them, only been in this country since 2004.
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