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  1. Sound advice, I totally agree. Thanks for your thoughts
  2. So in terms of a roughly 115k semi in Lisburn that needs absolutely no work (not even decoration) you would say it's tentatively a good time to be buying in your opinion? Of course I know this is all educated guessing but I trust your opinions more than my own to be honest. Would there be any great benefit to waiting 6-12 months or can we agree the falls if any will be negligible and indeed possibly even not fall at all in the next year or so?
  3. Excellent, thanks man. I know it's rough but that adds about 12-15k on to my price including everything you mentioned and flooring and allowing 1k for everything I can't think off which will no doubt pop up. This puts the house at around 107-110K finished to a normal standard. I read somewhere that someone in the same area bought at 80K and spent similar to fix it up putting it at 95K which I think is more respectable considering I can walk into a slightly used semi with a new bathroom and kitchen and suitable decoration for 110K asking price and not have to spend 3-6 months working on it. Th
  4. Anahilt gate is in Anahilt not Hillsborough really, they're just squeezing the name in there to make it look posher, so it's just the other estate and they are starting well upwards of £400k for detached.
  5. Ye, sorry for going off on one. Nothing personal, just hate thaxton with a passion. Can I ask where you are looking at? which estate? Reference Hillsborough, I'd be interested in seeing anything that comes close to what you'd get in Lisburn for £240k in Hillsborough. You could probably double that for the same house, but I may be wrong I havent researched hard there as I assumed it was out of my league
  6. I come from Lisburn and am actively looking at buying in all the same areas you are and I think you're bonkers. Most noteably because you are buying a 4 bedroom detached property for 2 people. The more expensive your house the more you have to lose in £s if prices drop further and going by every report and advice out there they will. Thaxton is a HORRIBLE area, there I said it. Lovely looking houses crushed into a tiny space with no gardens considering what you're paying. You say you don't want to rent because it's paying for someone elses mortgage, how do you feel about paying too much for a
  7. If this is true, which I think it is, it sounds too real and angry to be rehearsed. JUST MY OPINION Can you imagine what would happen if a letting agent kicked down the door of a normal family renting a semi in Belfast and walked in on the owners sleeping in bed one morning and started threatening them and swearing at them because they didn't open the door?! Student's are somewhat lazy and young/immature at times but they don't deserve treatment like that. If they are damaging the property, which doesn't seem to be the case here then I'm sure there are legal paths to pursue this through. Un
  8. I had considered the age of the house a big negative for the reasons you stated, I completely agree. Having rented and maintained a house from the 1960s for 4 years now I can tell you that old houses are both hard to heat and constant maintenance. Insulation would need redone but tiles look intact, they look concrete like the ones on my current house. I'll give a glass company a call in the morning but not sure how helpful they'll be without dimensions etc for windows. I've never replaced a window before so you could tell me £100 or £1000 per window and I wouldn't have a clue. Rate-able value
  9. Sorry, spelling mistake edit; ICS report should be RICS report
  10. Long time lurker but big fan of this site and the community My wife and I are reaching a point where we can no longer handle living in our current situation and are looking to buy. I've been following this forum for some years and watched the market in Lisburn half in value over the time I've been following the threads here, for that reason I have (wisely I feel) held off as long as I can on buying. I've had fights with in laws, friends co workers, bank managers, estate agents and just about everybody I've spoken to which always go along the lines of "now's a good time to buy, houses are onl
  11. Looks promising, I've checked out the Richlea Egg site and the tree-hugger village (Ballinderry Rd) down that direction but neither appealed to me at the prices they were asking. I'll take a drive down at the weekend and see what they've got built and assess the WAF (Wife Approval Factor!) lol Thanks guys
  12. Thanks for the reply BelfastVI, That's a real shame, as a first time buyer in Lisburn I'm finding it really tough to get property at a decent price. Prices are just crazy for some reason! Are you aware of any sites or plans for sites that are selling at a respectable price? (£120K is my upper limit but ideally I'd like to buy a lot cheaper and not have a massive mortgage)
  13. With the recent fire-sale of ex-army housing in Limavady I am hopeful of something similar in the Lisburn area (Thiepval barracks), has anyone heard any rumours or notice of anything happening within driving/living distance of Lisburn? News clippings for reference; http://www.derryjournal.com/county/Hundreds-more-exarmy-homes-in.5645725.jp http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8657785.stm
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