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  1. The UK government may dictate different terms of the referendum this time. They could insist on the following to throw a spanner in the works.... 1- Devo-Max to dilute the independence vote. I'm pretty sure Boris favours this option. 2- All Scottish born voters to get a say (including those living in the rest of the UK). I noticed Corby in Northants was 64% to leave the EU. 750,000 Scots living south of the border at the time of the last independence referendum. All more likely to vote no. Scots living in Australia etc more likely to be the older generation who support the union? 3- voting age of 18+ only. 4- EU citizens living in Scotland won't get a say. Thoughts?
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36605899 Link above to the BBC ONS migration statistics. Everybody needs to click on it to get it to the top of the 'most read' list
  3. Each plant will generate approx 100-150g of dry tobacco. Spacing them a 2-3 feet apart, you're looking at 15-20 plants on a 10ft x 10ft plot. That's approx 2-3kg per year. As I mentioned, its the curing and ageing process which takes the time (upwards of 12 months). Would be less hassle to go on a daytrip to belgium where Golden Virginia is less than £50 a kilo. HMRC have recently reduced the recommended guideline amounts (for importing rolling tobacco within the EU) from 3kg to 1kg so that door is gradually being shut as well.
  4. ASDA smartprice lager and bitter (2.7%) - currently £1 for 4x 440ml Have you tried growing your own tobacco? I considered doing it but looks like growing the plant is the easy part. Its all the processes that come after it which make it a nightmare. I'm not sure what the current duty is on cigarettes, I usually buy 200 gauloises at dubai airport for about six or seven quid. I would probably pay about 10 times that amount in the UK. If it were easy enough to grow and produce good quality tobacco in your garden shed, I would say most smokers would be doing it by now.
  5. Started to buy a lot more offal recently. My favorite is lamb's heart. Dirt cheap (£2 a kilo) , tasty and is one of the closest thing to meat in terms of texture. A lot of people couldn't stomach it though (wife included).
  6. I was under the impression that fuel in China was subsidized by the state. This increase seems to be mirroring the recent oil price spike. Good news for the rest of us if this manages to temper Chinese oil consumption.
  7. Gaining against usd as well. Already priced in. B*stards
  8. I voted Tory, but despite noting David Cameron's distaste for QE1, It was obvious that they would print. The markets need that "warm fuzzy feeling" they get from a dose of QE for a couple more years by which time it will be Labour's problem. Labour will then have less room to manoeuvre when this sucker finally goes down.
  9. The price of the F/A 22 raptor is irrelevant in decisions such as this. It is virtually certain that Lockheed Martin will cease production at approx 180 units for the USAF only. This fighter jet is so advanced that the US has not even been offered to Israel or Japan so there isnt a hope in hell that it will be offered to India. Going from initial reports, it seems as though $350m per plane is cheap. The Raptor was capable of engaging and killing multiple F-15s without them getting close.
  10. http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/TrumpRe 2012 will be an interesting year if this guy makes it to the White house. a few snippets "China is taking unfair advantage of the United States and other countries by a total manipulation of their currency" "If I'm in office, and I decide to run and win, within one day they're gonna be told if you keep manipulating your currency, we're gonna tax you 25%" "We have all the cards, because if we pulled back on China.....China has got a big problem and just remember what I said.....We have all the cards. They don't have the cards, they have a trillion dollars in debt" Apparently the China problem can be solved easily.
  11. What about the sovereignty of Algeria and French Indochina? Like I said, you would say the complete opposite had it been the Home Guard attacking a Panzer division on British soil. Go on find out what it was like to be a "bounyoul" (a wog) in French Algeria and you would understand where their hatred stemmed from.
  12. SCREW YOU. I think you should read up a bit more about the 130 years of French occupation before you start labelling the Algerian resistance "terrorists". The Algerians had every right to oust them. Would you accept to be a second class citizen in your own country? I'm sure if Hitler had occupied Britain you would say something completely different if a couple of soldiers from Churchill's auxiliary units were killed sneaking up on a Nazi Bunker. You'd call them heroes NOT terrorists.
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