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  1. Anyone hear Rosie spouting on Your and Yours yesterday? Plugging off-plan property in King's Cross, how to juggle credit cards and imparting sound financial BTL advice. Sounded quite pleased with herself, revealing she is now an international property magnate. Starts at 37'00, good bear fury...
  2. I'm not really monitoring the local market in detail although keeping an eye on the general market as renting suits me for the time being. This BBC News web site article today emphasises that buyers are paying more rather than sellers dropping prices to close the 'reality gap'. I can't see any 'reality' in the fundamentals to justify price increases other than perhaps a willingness to take on more debt. Along with the rest of the publicity surrounding a housing market 'recovery' i.e. prices going up, it does smells like a shift in sentiment. Not heard much in the media from the SNP about housing policy in an independent Scotland.
  3. I only caught a bit of it and don't fancy listening again. One case - borrowed when house was 'worth' £300K, now valued at £150K. Can't recall where that was. Did anyone mention miss-selling?
  4. Exactly, surely we are waiting for prices to drop while saving, in order to buy for cash or with minimum debt burden (including, in my view, size of mortgage and mortgage term) so does anyone have experience of 20, 15 or 10 year mortgages?
  5. What would he NOT do to avoid defeat? If he gets re-elected maybe there's a chance he might take a long term view, for a while.
  6. I totally agree. At work they make fun of my 140,000+ mile Toyota. On one occasion has it failed to start first time since I got it at 18,000 miles; started second time of course. Last MOT it needed a wiper blade, although usually it's the predictable consumables. My colleagues routinely spend £200-300 a month on loans for new cars, which is beyond my comprehension. Mind you, they can't comprehend why a rent a nice house, even though it's two minutes drive from my work and they fork out £150 a month on fuel...
  7. I don't know, there's not getting past the hard reality. I'm no economist but with the basic knowledge and debating points I've picked up on here there's very few 'sheeple' can maintain an HPI position. Anecdotally, I'm moving house as my workplace is changing and while being shown some flats for rent by an agent she mentioned that a good proportion of the owners are renting out 'until the market picks up'. I threw in a 'that won't be for quite a few years' comment to see what came back and she totally agreed with me. We didn't even discuss it further. Incidentally, all the BTL type flats were either horrible or in horrible places and I've now got a lovely private let that will allow me to build up my savings even further. Another move to within walking distance of my work that eliminates the shocking cost of commuting. I could probably afford to buy outright the place I'm going to but for me at the moment it's still a total no brainer.
  8. Reporting Scotland just ran the story. Pathetic and transparent spin. Maybe they thought we needed cheering up after the rugby. Not me, English to the heart of oak.
  9. No offence, but the readership probably isn't particularly fired with enthusasiam to help you maximise the return from your house sale
  10. Did I hear the organisation behind it was the creation of a descendant of the Scott expedition? Soon fed up with the media weeping over the loss of his upper class, sure-to-be-a-doctor life but quite liked the quote from the BBC web site that a polar bear can "attack without any notice". Nice one...one of the defining characteristics of a successful ambush predator. On the other hand, waking up with a polar bear in your tent is a really shitty start to the day.
  11. Jul 18th, 2011 John Sibley I think sellers should stick to their prices not drop a penny. This is a bas time to sell but the situation is going to improve fast. Now the banks are starting to compete with mortgage deals. Once finance is available you will have a lot more buyers than houses. Don't sell cheap now. Wait a little while and get the right price. Expect prices to rise 16% over the next few years. That money would look much nicer in your bank than somebody elses. Uh oh...the jobbie in the punch bowl
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