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  1. HI I am an owner at Comer House New Barnet. The air con systems are basically a box with various parts put into them. It's not an off the shelf system. When I moved in 3 years ago I had numerous Heating engineers in who couldn't fix. Finally I found one person who was willing to give it a go. I gave him my system for 3 weeks , he dissected it put it back together and is the only person that knows how they work. I recommended him to Comer as he is the only person that knows how the systems work. Unfortunatley that also means he is very busy as he fixes all the systems His name is Greg fr
  2. Thank you very much guys
  3. Gunnerob, i can't email you either. an error came up. any idea how i can drop you a message?
  4. I've found out quite a bit Rob. Will try and get in touch in the new year. once i have had a sit down with the other tenants of my block.
  5. Just went and checked on companies house would you believe it that Opus Property Consultancy was previously called LEVINSON & CO (PROPERTY SERVICES) LIMITED. Who's the director of Greenfield Property Consultancy - Monica Levinson.
  6. Gunnerob do you have the details for playfield? many thanks
  7. Hi Gunnerob thanks for that , A lot is starting to unravel. You are right all the management companies are Comer , but it doesn't end there. Drop me a message with your details and i will keep you in the loop. I don't want to expose my hand here. thanks
  8. Hi Rob Tenants here have told me we had greenfield, Do you happen to have the company number or registered address for opus and playfield? thanks eagle
  9. Hi guys can you please let me know who the previous management agents were please. from what i understand its currently: Comer Property Management > F& E Property > Before them F&E , i am interested who it was previously and then prior to that and so forth thanks
  10. Got to say the permits have been a god send, we don't have the issues with tw*ts who don't even live in our block parking where they want. I do worry now the goverment are going to out law private clampers what is going to happen. Besides that i have to say the management have been pretty good, very quick to act and repair any problems since my last moan at them. I received the latest service charge demand it hasn't increased so i'm pleased with that. If i am to be perfectly honest i am pleased with their effort so far over the past 2 months, block is very clean, and is being well kept . Eve
  11. Finally the bulbs got replaced yesterday! That was well over a week after i reported it , and almost 3 weeks after they fused. I have requested a break down of no. of flats behind service charge and action being taken, eg court/ payment plans etc I suggest you do the same.
  12. Hi Guys haven't been here in a while. Comer are start to p1ss me off with their empty promises. The hallway from the car park has 4 lights of which 3 have fused and haven't been replaced in a week. Have to chase them up again
  13. An update, i have had a very brief chat with another management company. Having shown the budget they are confident they can beat the charges by at least 10%. The reasons they can't completely bring it down are because our service charge: -also includes the water rates per flat. -We only have one life in the block so the contract they believe we have is a platinum contract which basically means the moment it breaks down someone is sent out straight away as we don't have any other lifts to depend on in the block- this ups the serive contract cost. - Insurance- high level of glass and cla
  14. i had a chat with RS from Comer Homes. To be fair to him he did make a few valid points. He addressed why the insurance was so high and its because some of the idiot tenants who don't service their hot water tanks keep claiming on the building insurance when they leak. We had £81,000 worth of claims in one year alone. He did also make a few good points that the management company are there to offer a good service and not police the block , unfortunately i have some w*nker neighbours who can't be bothered to go to the back of the refuse room to throw rubbish away and pile up the 1st bin and
  15. So Opus took on on old staff, F&E took on opus Staff and now Comer has taken on F&E. If the staff don't do a good job why take them on?? I have contacted Martyn Gerrad Estates and shown them round the block. They currently manage the block opposite me where my friend lives and he said they're pretty good. I have sent them the budget and MGE is pretty sure they can beat it. The thing he mentioned is that the insurance could be high due to terrorism threats and the amount of glass the building has. If they can beat Comer by a considerable amount i will go through the rigmarole of rig
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